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How to start garri processing business in Ghana?

Date:Jun 09, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

In the article, we shall be discussing about how to start garri processing business in Ghana. And we hope that this can give you an idea of how to set up a garri processing factory. Kindly stay with us, we will give introduction step by step.

factory for garri processingFactory for garri business


Garri is kind of edible food in West Africa countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leon, Liberia, Benin, etc. It is very popular among local foods and is indispensable in daily life. It can be used in soup or mixed with sugar, milk etc.

Garri is produced from raw cassava by the process of cleaning, washing, peeling, grating, fermentation, dewatering and frying. All the process can be finished by manual or mechanical.


Generally garri can be divided into white garri and yellow garri. By normal process, you can get white garri. But if you add palm oil in frying process, you can get yellow garri. Besides, you can get different garri produced according to the fermentation time. The longer fermentation time, the higher sour taste of final garri. You can decide garri variety to produce based on local preference.

After learning the importance and market of garri in West Africa countries. Are you more interested in garri processing business? If yes, please reading follow me. I'll explain what you need to do when you prepare to set up a garri processing factory.

garri processing machineThe 3D image of garri processing machine


Ensure raw cassava supply

Cassava roots are planted all through the year in Ghana. You can buy cassava easily whenever you need. But if you want to build up a garri processing factory, you need to ensure stable and adequate supply. You can grow cassava in your own farm or cooperate with local farmers, both are good choice.

Choose a suitable place for setting garri processing factory

You should find one site where water and electricity are available. And it’s better to be closed to raw material source. What’s more, the roads to sales market should be smooth. The area size of the land depends on how large of factory you want to set up.

Raise sufficient capital

Capital needed for building up a garri processing factory include cost for machines, workshop construction, workers salary and running cost. Normally small scale garri plant price range is around 20,000usd. The larger capacity, the more finance investment. But garri production has high profit, you can earn money back after running factory for a period of time.

garri processing machineGarri processing machines

Purchase garri processing machines

The following are machines for starting garri processing business in Ghana:

a.Cassava cleaning machine---dry sieve

b.Cassava washing machine---paddle washer

c.Cassava peeling machine

d.Cassava grating machine

e.Dewatering machine---hydraulic presser

f.Garri frying machine

g.Sieving machine---vibration sieve

h.Packaging machine

Of course, there are still many detailed problems to be resolved in the construction of the garri processing factory, so I will not go into details here. As a professional and experienced cassava garri processing machine supplier, HENAN JINRUI can solve these problems for you. If you wanna to start garri processing business in Ghana, feel free to contact us for more details of machines.



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