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How many potatoes are needed to get 1 ton of potato starch?

Date:Dec 07, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

The potato and potato starch processing ratio is a hot topic for the new investors who entered the potato starch processing business because it is not only related to how many potatoes raw materials the investors should prepare, but also related to the profits of potato starch processing. According to our 10+ years experience, about 6 tons potatoes are needed to get 1 ton of potato starch.

In fact, how many potatoes are needed to get 1 ton of potato starch has direct relationship with the starch content of the potato raw materials. The higher the starch content of potatoes raw materials, the less potatoes are needed. So it’s suggested to specially pay attention to the potatoes quality while buying the raw materials.

potatoesRaw material potatoes for potato starch processing

Besides the starch content of potatoes raw materials, the potato starch processing machine will also influence the tons of needed potatoes to get 1 ton of potato starch. Here let’s take Henan Jinrui’s potato starch processing machine as an example to explain it. During different steps of potato starch processing, our potato starch processing machines make great significance to improve the starch extraction rate.

potato starch processing machine of Henan Jinrui companyPotato starch processing machine of Henan Jinrui company

In crushing step, Jinrui adopts cutting machine and rasper to achieve the double crush degree of potatoes so as to increase the free rate of bound starch.

In sieving step, Jinrui adopts the centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve and hydrocyclone sieve to screen the fiber, protein and cell sap out of the potato starch milk to concentrate and delicate scrubbing starch milk. And it’s worth mentioning that these three kinds of sieving machines have matching recovery and refining functions. On the one hand, they not only ensure the whiteness and precision of the obtained potato starch, but also ensure the maximum extraction rate of potato starch.

In drying step, Jinrui adopts the flash dryer to dry the dehydrated potato starch. The flash dryer adopts the negative pressure drying system, which can effectively control the loss of the potato starch.

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