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Three steps of separation and filtration of tapioca starch

Date:Sep 30, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

There are three main sections in the production of tapioca starch: washing, processing and drying. Among them, the processing section plays a decisive role in the quality of the finished tapioca starch, such as the whiteness, purity and fineness of the starch. In the tapioca starch processing process, the tapioca tubers need to be washed first, then the tapioca tubers are cut and grinded into pulp. Now in cassava pulp, there are fiber, protein, pectin and so on. So we need to separate them out and get only high quality tapioca starch. Here are three steps for separating and filtering other substances in cassava pulp.

1. Fiber separation

In tapioca starch processing, after grinding tubers, Henan Jinrui Food Company will use round sieve machine or centrifugal sieve machine to sieve pulp fibers by high rotary speed because of different proportion of fibers and starch milk. And we will match many sets sieving machines to work to ensure capacity.

2. Fine fiber separation

After the fibers are sieved, in order to avoid some fibers remaining in the starch milk, Henan Jinrui Food Company will use a fine fiber machine to separate it again to ensure the final starch purity. Similar to a centrifugal sieve, a fine fiber machine uses centrifugal force to separate out fine fibers. In this way, high-quality starch milk can be obtained.

tapioca starch processing machineSeparating equipment used to extract high quality tapioca starch

3. Concentrate and recover refined starch milk

After two sieving steps, the starch slurry will be pumped into the hydrocyclone station. In the hydrocyclone station, protein and pectin will be separated. After the starch milk is refined and concentrated, it can be dehydrated and dried to obtain dry tapioca starch.

tapioca starch refining machineHow to concentrate and refine tapioca starch

In the processing of tapioca starch, the separation of pure starch needs to go through multiple processes. If only one separator is equipped, it is impossible to produce high-quality starch. The three steps of tapioca starch separation and filtration are all to effectively and thoroughly separate other impurities in starch milk, and finally produce high-quality and high-whitetness starch for sale in the market.

If you have any technical questions in the tapioca starch production process, please contact Henan Jinrui Food Company to answer your questions.


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