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What is the use of cassava starch and what capacity can it be applied?

Date:Sep 14, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

In common, cassava starch can be divided into the food industry and industrial uses.

cassava starch uses and applicationWhat is the use of cassava starch?

In food use: Cassava starch is an important food product and can be used as a food additive to control the uniformity, stability, and texture of soups, sauces or sausage, etc.

1. Daily life use: Like frozen foods, chocolates, candies, caramels, chewing gum, creams, yogurts, cheeses, and instant desserts

2. Beverage industry: juices, powdered soft drinks, flavored waters, and alcohol production.

In Industrial use: Due to the structural and compositional differences in starches from different sources enlarges its range of industrial uses.

cassava starch applicationCassava starch uses

1. Paper industry: Both chemically modified and unmodified starches are used in papermaking, which can provide strength to the final paper sheet and improve smoothness, hardness, whiteness, and gloss after paper coating. Modified starch (oxidized starch) is utilized in sizing and dyeing that make the finished fabrics look brighter, harder, and with increased weight. Just like packaging, boxes, tubes, and multi-ply bags barrel manufacturing.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: Starch is used for coating and dusting as well as binding the constituents of the tablet. Just like a tablet, capsule, etc.

3. Detergent industry: It can be used in the manufacturing of soap and detergent which to get the better recovery and to improve the shelf life of detergents.

4. Textile industry: Starch is utilized in sizing and dyeing that make the finished fabrics(like cotton yarn, wool fabric, and spun rayon fabric) look brighter, harder, and with increased weight.

Above all, cassava starch has great potential to be used in Africa as an industrial and food base, but to what capacity can it be applied? In common, considering the commercial scale, operation cost, and economic applicability, we generally recommend a 2 tons/h input capacity cassava starch production line. Henan Jinrui has made many starch projects in different countries, so if you have any questions about this line, you can contact them timely.


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