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Corn starch manufacturing process

Date:Dec 11, 2015/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

Corn starch making machine

Corn starch making machine

Corn Starch Manufacturing Process & Facilities

Starch can be manufactured using Maize, Milo, Tapioca, Potatoes however India’s climatic conditions and availability of raw material propels Anil Limited to manufacture starch using maize as prime raw material.

Chemically starch is a polysaccharide and is a chief source of energy for human beings and animals. The monomer of starch is glucose and thus we can expect a lot of derivative products from starch. These derivative products include Dextrose Monohydrate, Anhydrous Dextrose, Liquid Glucose, Calcium Gluconate, Sorbitol, Enzymes of various types, Gluten, Maize Oil etc.

Manufacturing Facilities of Anil Limited are located at Bapunagar, Ahmedabad in area of 37 acres (1.5 lakh sq. meters), which comprises of:

corn starch manufacturing process

Corn starch processing line   

Corn Wet Milling Plant

    Starch Plant – A

    Starch Plant – B

    Dextrose Monohydrate Plant

    Liquid Glucose Plant

    Anyhydrous Dextrose Plant

    Starch I.P. Plant

    Edible Starch Plant

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