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The starch and starchy vegetables group

Date:Dec 11, 2015/ Industry news/ Chat online

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Foods in this group include cereals, grains, pasta, breads, and crackers. All of these foods are grouped together, because the majority of the calories they contain come from carbohydrates, these foods also contain some protein and sometimes fat. Cooked beans, peas, and lentils also belong in this group, but because they contain more protein they are also part of the meat and meat substitutes group. For this reason, eating one serving of beans, peas or lentils will count as one serving from the starch group and one serving from the meat group. This concept is explained in further detail in the section titled The Meat and Meat Substitutes Group.

People with diabetes do not need to avoid foods found in the starch and starchy vegetables group. In fact, people with diabetes need to eat foods from this group to help meet their daily requirement for calories, macronutrients, fiber, vitamins, and minerals and for overall good health. Foods in this group, however, do contain carbohydrates that can raise blood glucose. It is important to space servings from this group (and the milk and fruit groups) evenly throughout the day, and only eat the number of serving that your doctor or dietitian has recommended. This will help to keep blood glucose levels within your target range.

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