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Nigeria client visit Doing Company

Date:Mar 22, 2018/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

Nigeria client visit Doing Company for cassava starch processing machine

Late March in 2018, Nigeria client visit our Doing Company for cassava starch processing machine, we make a cassava starch process project for them and discussed together for this starch process project in our company.This is the introduce of our cassava machine and Nigeria client visiting record. Before they get to our company, there are some thing interesting, they got lost, and at the same time, our reception personnel have the coffee ready. Also the meeting time is a little late than our plan, this don't influcenced our meeting and talking.

cassava starch processing line

Cassava starch processing technology and equipments

Our company designed and manufacturing cassava starch processing machine independently with advanced technology home and aboard, with many years of experience. Only in 2017.we build three cassava starch processing machiner projects in Nigeria, and our starch machine get a very high reputation in Nigeria clients.

Besides the cassava starch processing machinery, client is also interested in machines for garri processing and cassava chips processing. Our company have more than 23 years experience about cassava processing machinery manufacturing and sales, offer you perfect after-sale service. We focus on supplying client the top quality machines.

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