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Henan Doing Company set up Nigeria office

Date:Mar 23, 2018/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

The cassava starch production line is a rising industrial project in Nigeria, Libieria,Ghana, Thailand, etc. And Nigeria is one of the courtry which has plenty cassavas, and we have many customers in Nigeria, also have installed some cassava starch processing plant in Nigeria and surrounding countries in Africa.

cassava starch production line

Local client visit our office in Nigeria

So in order to fulfill the demanding enquiry from costumers and provide first class after-sale service, judge from the international market, Henan Doing Company decide to set up the branch office in Nigeria in 2018, and sent out our senior sales person to the local space to develop our business to match up with the developing work.

cassava starch processing machine

Welcome to Doing Company

And till now, Henan Doing Company has invested large sum of money to do business of advertising in local newspaper and websites, inviting neighboring countries come to visit our office and the cassava starch processing plant we have installed, which has greatly help us increase exposure in the surrounding countries and also lay out a foundation for future business development and expand and service offer.

Please contact us for detail information and quotation of cassava starch processing machine.

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