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Gluten making machine ship to Euro customer

Date:Aug 29, 2016/ Enterprise news/ Chat online

gluten making machine

Gluten making machine in wooden case wait for shipment

This week , the stainless steel gluten making machine ordered  by one Euro customer is finish production and packed into wooden case  ship to the customer by sea .

The gluten making machine is used  for making wheat gluten (also called seitan) from wheat flour . The main process is mixing water and wheat flour to making the dough first , then use water washing method to separate the wheat starch and gluten  to get the wheat gluten .

In many countries , the gluten food is become more and more popular . Every day , the wheat gluten food in big demand in the market . But in many countries , people still use hand work to making the gluten from wheat  flour . The production by human work  is extremely inefficient , it only can produce small amount wheat gluten each time . But now our gluten making machine can instead of human work to make the wheat gluten from wheat flour more easy  with high efficiency . 

If you want to make your gluten making business more easy to earn more profit , please contact with us freely for the gluten making machine.

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