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The prepartion of using maize making glucose syrup production line

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maize glucose syrup production

1.Corn selection section

Main equipments: Vibrating Sieve, Stone-removing machine, Bucket elevator, Magnetic Separator, Low pressure fan, Surge Bin.

Lifting: Using Bucket elevator to lift corn to next working section.

Screening: To screen and clean corn by vibration principle, and remove impurity

Storage: Stock good corn for next working section.

2.Remove corn germ section

Main equipments: Germ Broken machine, Germ selecting machine, Low pressure fan, Peeling Polisher Machine, Germ pressure machine, Conveyor, Clean flour machine

Remove corn germ: To broke corn and remove skin, germ.

Selecting germ and packing: To select and pack germ from above section.

Conveying: Delivery broken corn to next section by Conveyor.

3.Corn flour section

Main equipments: Crusher, Roller Mill, Sifting machine.

Broken: to broke corn for milling.

Corn flour production: Mill corn to flour by Roller Mill, then send to next step.


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