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The 11th China International Starch and Starch Derivatives Exhibition in Shanghai 21th-23th June

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corn glucose syrup plant

Corn glucose syrup plant customer visit our booth

India customer visited our booth about the corn glucose syrup plant project. They started to study the corn glucose syrup plant project since 2014. They also send our company inquiry about corn glucose syrup plant etc.

When we meeting in China International Starch and Starch Derivatives Exhibition in Shanghai, we talked more about the corn glucose syrup making process.which including using corn to make corn flour firstly,

Then the mixing process is mixing the corn flour and water to get the right density slurry. Then add the starch enzyme and keep on the temperature for particular time.

Step 3,The liquefaction process is convert the starch of corn flour into liquid dextrin. The material will be sprayed at high temperature by jet cooker. with the aid of starch enzyme , the starch will be converted into liquid dextrin quickly.

Step 4.The deproteinization process is separate the corn protein and other solid impurity from   liquid dextrin by filter press. The liquid dextrin will be pumped to next process, the corn protein  will be left for sale.

Step 5.The saccharification process is convert the liquid dextrin into required DE value glucose syrup with the aid of glucoamylase in the saccharification tank . This process should be runned  under specific temperature & pressure for 4-6 hours.

Step 6. The decolorization process is  removing the color of the glucose syrup by activated carbon.  The glucose syrup which reached required DE  will be pumped from saccharification tank into the decolorization tank , mixed with activated carbon at proper temperature.

Step 7. The decarburization process is separating the activated carbon from the glucose syrup by filter press to get clear glucose syrup.

The glucose syrup will flow into the slot and the transfer tank for next step. The activated carbon will be left.

Step 8. The Ion exchange process is using the resin to remove the tiny foreign items and bad odor to get high quality pure glucose syrup.

The resin need regeneration by acid and alkali washing after working for some days.

Step 9. The evaporation process is evaporate the water inside the glucose syrup to increase the DS of glucose syrup.

 Usually it need multi-effect evaporator work together with the single effect evaporator.

Step 10. The glucose syrup which reach the required DS in the evaporation process will be pumped into final product storage tanks for storage.

The final product tank can keep the glucose syrup purity before transportation.

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