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Sweet potato starch processing plant price

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Sweet potato is rich in starch, protein, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins and many other minerals, and has a high taste and nutritional value which is a high quality starch raw material. With sweet potato starch as raw material, sweet potato starch processing plant applies the technology of wet milling extraction to get pure sweet potato starch with high starch yield and fine quality.

sweet potato starchSweet potato and sweet potato starch

The following points should be considered when investing in sweet potato starch processing plant

1). Raw materials: A stable source of raw materials for sweet potato processing, preferably with a large area of raw material planting or an area that may be cultivated.

2). Funds: Mainly include infrastructure, sweet potato starch processing machinery, manpower, and working capital. The investment amount of equipment is affected by many factors, such as automation degree, processing technology and manufacturing material.

3). Water source: Sweet potato starch processing plant requires sufficient and clean water source, which is the basic premise and guarantee for the deep processing of starch.

4). Electricity: Sufficient power energy is required to meets the requirements of processing technology for sweet potato starch processing plant. Therefore, the improvement of power infrastructure has greatly promoted the smooth development of starch deep processing projects.

5). Power: Heating energy supply for sweet potato starch processing plant, such as coal, gas, natural gas, electricity, etc.

sweet potato starch machineSweet potato starch machine

Here is the analysis of sweet potato starch processing plant price

Take 1 ton of dry starch from the automatic sweet potato starch production line as an example. 5 tons of sweet potatoes and 10-15 tons of water are needed.

  Market price Cost
Raw material (sweet potato) 0.1 $/ kg 5000 kg × 0.1 $ / kg = 500 $
Water (15 t) 0.4 $ / t 15t × 0.4 yuan / t = 6$
Power consumption(200KW/h) 0.1 $ / KWH 200 kw / h × 0.1$ / KWH = 20$
Labor (6 people) 16 $ 6 people × 16$ / person ÷ 8h = 12$
Fuel (0.1 tons of coal for 1 ton of starch) 145 $ / t 0.1 t  × 145 $ / t = 14.5$
Direct production cost  552.5$

Other expenses: depreciation, taxation, etc. are calculated according to the actual situation of each user.

The profit is based on the actual sales at the local market price, minus the cost as a net profit.

[Note: Due to the different market conditions of sweet potato starch processing in different countries, the sweet potato price, water and electricity cost, labor cost and starch price standard are different, and the economic benefits of starch production will be different. Therefore, the data in this article is for reference only, please refer to the local market price.]

sweet potato starch processing plantSweet potato starch processing plant

Investment in sweet potato starch processing plant construction requirements

There are generally 5 specific requirements for the site:

1). Choose the site close to raw material producing area, product sales market and agricultural market peripheral.

2). Choose convenient transportation for sweet potato starch processing plant, close to the sweet potato production base, and the fresh potato raw material planting area is close to the road for transportation.

3). Choose close to good water quality (soft water, no pollution, no source of disease, meet the water quality standards), sufficient water volume for sweet potato starch processing plant, preferably deep water or river water, convenient drainage, no pollution around.

4). Choose close to the power supply, complete water and electricity facilities, sufficient power supply, and reliability of power supply.

5). Requirements for construction conditions, topography and land area of sweet potato starch processing plant: The terrain, size and slope of the plant should be conducive to transportation, water supply, drainage, and adapt to the process characteristics of the processing operation.

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