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Starch production line
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cassava starch making machine

Cassava starch making machine


Cassava starch making machines description:

1) Our cassava starch making machine is a whole starch processing line without no any additives in the processing.

2) The entire cassava starch process used mature technology, advanced, scientific and rational process equipment.

3) Starch production steps are: Cassava cleaning-- Cassava broken-- Cassava starch and pulp separated-- Cassava starch concentrated ( Cassava starch refined)-- Cassava starch dewatering-- Cassava starch drying-- Cassava starch packing etc,.

Following is more detailed description in cassava starch making machines :

    a) Cleaning section (remove sand, stone, grass and other small materials)

    b) Processing section (cutter, rasper, centrifuge sieve, hydrocyclone, vacuum filterand etc.)

    c) Drying and packing section (airflow dryer, auto-packing machine)

Drum type washer

Drum type washer


Above is the drum type washer and screw conveyer in cassava starch processingmachines. Drum trpe washer and screw conveyer is cleaning section in  cassava starch making machines.

For drum type washer , its main features :

Major of drum trpe washer is to move the peel ,muddy ,sundries  .Advantage is low power consumption ,big handling capacity ,well clearing ,stable operation ,and easy maintenance etc.

Cassava crusher

Cassava crusher

Above is the crushing section in  cassava starch production machines.


Our crusher its main feature:

This machine has feature of low energy consumption,high capacity,fine installation, easy maintenance. It is mainly used for crashing cassava, sweet potato and potato etc.

starch hydrocyclone

Starch hydrocyclone

Above is the hydrocyclone in  cassava starch making machines. Hydrocyclone has features following :

Features of our hydrocyclone:

Fully stainless steel to be sure there is no corrosion.

Advanced surface treatment craft oil and dirty resisting.

Widely used for starch extraction in starch processing factory.

It has multifunction of concentration,recover, washing and separation for the hydrocyclone group.

Hydrocyclone pipe made form material of strengthened nylon. Sound rigidity and durability.

Excellent separation result.

Hydrocyclone designed according to the features of different material to get the better starch separation.

Pipeline of hydrocyclone group passes computer optimization design.

Compact and elegant.

Special hermetic design,friendly operation.

vacuum dehydrator

Vacuum dehydrator


Above is the vacuum dehydrator in cassava starch processing machines.

Our dehydrator has features :

(1) Inner stainless steel ,compact structure and nine design .The speed of rotating drum can be adjusted according to actual site .

(2) Material unloaded through blade ,which can be adjusted and made of high rigid alloy .

(3) Low energy consumption ,small area ,friendly operation and stable running .

(4) Widely used for separation of suspension in starch processing ,after dehydration starch content water below 38%

air-stream crash dryer

Air-stream crash dryer


Above is the air-stream crash dryer in  cassava starch processing machines.Especially air-stream crash dryer is our latest invention patented product .

Air-stream crash dryer's feature :

This air-stream crash dryer machine has feature of low energy consumption,high capacity,fine installation, easy maintenance. It is mainly used for crashing cassava, sweet potato and potato etc.

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