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Cassava starch processing line

Date:May 25, 2019/ Starch production line/ Chat online

Cassava contains high in starch which is a high quality material for starch industry. Cassava starch processing line takes cassava as raw material which starts with cleaning cassava to extracting cassava starch from cassava cell, then separating the non-starch impurities out of starch slurry to final dewatering and drying cassava starch to produce high quality cassava starch.

Cassava starch processing lineCassava starch processing line

Here is the detail manufacturing process in cassava starch processing line

1.Transportation and cleaning: The newly harvested cassava is firstly transported into storage yard. When the cassava starch processing line starts, forklift is used for transporting cassava from the yard to the washer to ensure the normal supply of raw materials in the process. Dry sieve is the widely used cleaning machine which serves to remove the attached sediment, sand, stone, weeds and so on.

cassava starch processing lineCassava transportation

2.Cassava washing: The cleaned cassava is then transported into paddle washing machine by conveyor in cassava starch processing line. In this section, the raw material rotates and rolls forward along with the rotating of the machine, spraying, rinsing, bathing, grinding, cleaning and peeling with water as the medium. It is required to wash off the sediment before feeding into the crushing process.

3.Cassava crushing: The role of crushing is to destroy the structure of cassava, so that small starch grains can be disassembled and separated from the cassava root. This is the most important procedure in cassava starch processing line. The more starch extracted, the more starch yield is obtained.

cassava starch processing machineCassava crushing machine

4.Starch and residue separation: The original starch slurry after being broken down and stirred shall be screened to separate the starch milk from the fiber .At present, centrifuge sieve is mainly used to remove fibers in cassava starch processing line and multiple screening or countercurrent washing process is generally adopted.

5.Concentration and refining: This section is to separate insoluble protein, residual soluble protein and other impurities from starch slurry, so as to achieve the purpose of washing, refining and concentration of starch milk. At present, hydrocyclone steparator is widely used for in cassava starch processing line for concentration, refining and recycling of starch slurry.

cassava starch processing linePeeler centrifuge

6.Starch milk dehydrating: At present, peeler centrifuge is often used for dehydrating in cassava starch processing line. The moisture content of wet starch after dehydration is required to be lower than 40%.

7.Starch drying and packing: The dehydrated starch from the peeler centrifuge is transported to the flash dryer for drying. The water content of starch product is about 13.5% through drying. And then the finished starch is packed in appropriately for sale.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch drying machine

Technological features of cassava starch processing line

(1). The layout of production process is combined with plane process and vertical process, which covers less area, uses less pipes and pumps, saves investment and reduces energy consumption.

(2). The manufacturing process in cassava starch processing line is short. It takes only 30 minutes from feeding to the production of finished products.

(3). Production process continuous, high equipment efficiency.

(4). In addition to the drying process, the whole production process is carried out under normal temperature and pressure conditions.

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