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Potato starch processing line

Date:Nov 07, 2018/ Starch production line/ Chat online

The potato starch processing line is used to produce high quality potato starch from fresh potato, and the whole processing line is automatic and be finished in less than thirty minutes. The potato starch produced from the potato starch processing line is food grade which can be used for making starch food or for deep processing.

Brief introduction of the entire process for potato starch processing line

The potato starch processing line production flow is first washing the fresh potato during the transportation time , then crush the fresh potato to get the potato slurry , then separate the fiber and peed with potato starch milk , then use the desander machine to remove the sand in the starch milk, then use hydrocyclone station unit to refined the starch milk to get pure starch milk , then use the vacuum dehydrator machine to take out the water get the wet potato starch (water content is about 38%) , at last use the starch dryer machine to get the final dry potato starch .

Potato starch processing linePotato starch processing line

The detail introduction of potato starch processing line

1. Cleaning: The potato in storage yard is firstly sent to dry sieve for cleaning. This process is mainly used for removing sand, weed, stone and other impurities of potato.

2. Washing: The rotary washing machine is used to further wash away the attached dirt, sand and other debris in potato starch processing line.

3. Grating: This is the most important procedure in potato starch processing line, it mainly grating the potato into starch slurry so as to release starch granule from cell. DOING rasper is a high efficient rasping machine which can achieve a breaking rate of 95%.

potato starch processing machinePotato grating machine

4. Separating: Separating is used to remove fibers out of starch slurry. Potato starch processing line normally adopts multiple stage centrifuge sieve for better separating effect.

5. Enrichment and refining: In potato starch processing line, multi-stage hydrocyclone station is used for enrichment, refining and recycling starch slurry.

6. Dehydrating: Starch vacuum filter is used for dewater starch slurry to the desired moisture for drying.

7. Drying and packing:  Dewatered starch is dried by flash dryer machine in potato starch processing line. Then the collected starch is packed by semi-automatic machine for sale.

potato starch making machinePotato starch drying machine

The main production indicators of potato starch processing line

The starch extraction rate was >94%.

Potato raw material requirements: starch containing > 15%, fresh, no mold, no soil, stones.

Requirements for potato starch processing line:

Turbidity <0.1
Hardness <100
SO2 <0.55ppm
Iron <0.9 ppm(no floating matter)
Pressure >0.2MPa

The standard of finished starch:

Moisture 18 ~ 20%
Fineness 99.6 (100 mesh pass)
Protein 0.1%
Whiteness 90% (475mn, reflectivity)
Ash 0.25
Spots 3 (fully in line with national first-class standards)

Water consumption of potato starch processing line: 2~3T per ton of fresh potato

Power consumption: 220 KWh per ton of finished product

Coal consumption: 2T per ton of finished product consumption

The potato starch processing line capacity can be customized according to requirements.


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