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Potato starch processing machine

Date:Jan 03, 2019/ Starch production line/ Chat online

potato starch processing machinePotato starch processing line

The main characteristic of potato starch processing machine

1. Large handling capacity and high efficient,

2. Low power and water consumption,

3. Easy for installation and maintenance.

4. Reasonable design and long service life.

5. High quality of final products

The technical processing of potato starch processing

Cleaning and washing-crushing-separating-desanding-concentration and refining-dewatering-drying and packing

potato starch processing machinePotato starch processing line

Here is the detail introduction of potato starch processing machine used for potato starch processing line:

(1) Cleaning and washing machine:

Fresh potatoes are transported to dry sieve to cleaning the small stones, dirt, sand and other impurities by conveyor. After that, they are washed in a rotary washing machine. The potatoes are constantly rolling and rubbing in the water, which can make the soil on the potato peel off to achieve a good washing effect.

potato processing machinePotato cleaning machine

(2) Crushing machine:

The crushing unit is the most important step for extracting potato starch. And the mainly used potato starch processing machine for crushing is rasper. The feeding screw combined at bottom of the storage tank pumped the clean potato into milling machine. Highly-efficient milling machine will release the starch in potato at most.

(3) Potato starch separating machine:

The crushed potato slurry is transferred to the 4 stage centrifugal sieves, each sieve works with a fiber pump and a defoam pump. The mixture enters into each sieve to separate residue and starch. After 4 stages continuous washing and separation, the filtrate is sent to concentration and refining unit, and the residue is sent to the residue dewatering unit.

potato starch making machinePotato starch separating machine

(4) Potato starch desanding machine:

After separating, there still exists sand in the potato starch. If the sediment concentration of the slurry is high, it will not only influence the taste of the starch but also affected the sales and price of starch. So the desanding process is a necessary. The desander is a potato starch processing machine whose main function is to remove sediment in the starch, improve the make the product quality to a higher class.

(5) Potato starch concentration and refining machine:

The starch milk then goes into the 16 stages of refining hydrocyclone station, and fresh water comes into the cyclone from the end of system. Firstly, starch milk is pumped into 3 stages of concentration unit to remove the water, then the condensed starch milk enter the next 13 stages of washing unit, and the overflow enters into another 2 stages of recycle unit to recycle starch. Most of the effluent with fiber is discharged out of the process, and a little part goes back to the process water system. Finally, the condensed starch slurry is pumped into the starch slurry storage tank.

potato starch processing machinePotato starch refining machine

(6) Potato starch dewatering machine:

The starch slurry is pumped into inlet tank of vacuum filter. Then the vacuum rotary drum will adsorb the starch on the drum surface and the filtrate is transferred out of the system by filtrate pump. The filter cake on the drum will be peeled off by peeler and then transferred to the air dryer by screw conveyor.

(7) Potato starch drying and packing machine:

After dewatering process, the flash dryer will be used. This potato starch processing machine is mainly used for drying  the starch to the required moisture of the commercial starch. And the packing machine is made according to the customers' special requirements.

potato starch processing machinePotato and potato starch

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