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Potato starch making process

Date:Jul 13, 2018/ Starch production line/ Chat online

Potato starch making process is appropriate for large starch processing factories and customers, the process from the raw material of cleaning, crushing, starch extraction, rasping, enrichment, refined, dehydration, drying, etc. The whole process adopts automation operation system.

The difference between standard potato starch making process and economic type is as follows:

1.Equipment configuration: the standard type is more perfect than the economic one, and the equipment configuration is relatively high. The 19-21 stage cyclone is adopted in the concentration and refining section, and the quality of starch extraction is high.

2.Equipment materials: the standard equipment is made of stainless steel, with the advantage of strong safety.

3.Processing capacity: the standard type is stronger than the economic one, which is applicable to the standardized starch production and manufacturing enterprises.

potato starch making process

Potato starch making process and main machines

ⅠThe working principle of Potato starch making process:

Potato starch making process is a physical separation process, which separates the starch from cellulose, protein and inorganic substances. The starch is insoluble in cold water. With the properties of water and special mechanical equipment, the starch will be separated from suspension liquid, so as to achieve the goal of recovery of starch.

potato crushing machine

Potato fine crushing machine details

ⅡTechnical parameters of potato starch making process

1. Output: about a quarter of the incoming material

2. Plant: this equipment project covers an area of about 400 square meters, and the plant is generally not less than 1000 square meters

3. Power supply: 380 v, three phase current, 50 Hz, the maximum floating frequency of voltage is 6%. The installed capacity of the entire equipment is 130KW.

The rotary washing machine is utilized to clean the large amount of sediment on the surface of fresh potato. Automatic feeding potato washing machine for cleaning fresh potatoes surface pits. It also makes a peeling effect. The slurry separator will decompose the original slurry, with water as the medium, so that the starch slurry water contained in the potato slag can be further filtered out.

potato starch making machine

Brief potato starch making process

The potato starch making process adopts the wet processing technology of starch production without any additives. The entire process is mature with advanced equipment, scientific configuration and reasonable technology.

The process flow of starch production is designed according to six stages: cleaning, rasping, sieving, concentration and purification, dehydration and drying. The potato starch making process consists of the following machines:

1.Washing section: Dry sieve, Rotary washing machine;

2.Crushing and screening, sand removal, concentration and refining section: Rasping machine, Centrifuge sieve, Fine fiber sieve, Hydrocyclone unit;

3.Dewatering and drying section: Vacuum filter and flash dryer.

potato starch making plant

Potato starch making plant manufacturered by Doing Company

Click potato starch processing plant operation to see this project video.

(Auxiliary facilities: Transformers and distribution cabinets, water supply systems, corresponding warehouses and stacking sites, micro-powder collection ponds, transfer tanks, etc)

Fully automatic potato starch making process adopts the high quality and durable material. High degree of automation and long service life, the potato starch making process can improve economic benefits for our customers. The process adopted advanced cage cleaning, it can effectively prevent the loss of starch caused by the rupture of potatoes, and it can also better precipitate and refine starch in other processes.

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