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Cost analysis of potato starch production line

Date:Sep 21, 2018/ Starch production line/ Chat online

Potato starch is kind of starch that extracted from potato. It is white color and has no special flavor. Compared with other starch, potato starch have many special advantages.

potato starch production line

The advantage of potato starch

Advantages of Potato Starch
Item Advantage  Usage
1 High viscosity Small quantity can achieve suitable viscosity required.
2 Excellent water retention Widely used in puffed food, meat products, instant noodles etc.
3 Low impurities content Used to improve appearance and color of food products.
4 No special flavor Could be used in flavor-sensitive products
5 Low gelatinization temperature Low power consumption when used in food production.
6 High amylopectin content Reduce exiting of gels and aging phenomenon

potato starch processing machine

Potato starch processing machine

Potato starch has so many advantages when comparing with other starch. Therefore, potato starch production has very promising market, with more and more people involved in. How much will it cost for potato starch production?

Here bellow is the cost and profit analysis of potato starch production line (Based on China market):
Cost-Profit Analysis for Potato Starch Production Line
20 tons/hr input potato production line Remarks
  consumption/hour cost/hour (RMB/T) 10hr working per day, total 200 tons fresh potato and get 30 tons starch. 
Fresh potato 700 tons 4200 Getting 1 ton starch from 6 tons fresh potato.
Electricity 160 kw﹒h 160 Total power for whole line is 500kw and can get 3 tons starch per hour; therefore electricty consumption is about 160 kw﹒h.
Water   30 1 CBM water consumption for 1 ton potato.
Labor work 12 person/shift 60 130RMB/person,total will be 1560RMB for 30 tons potato starch;therefore the cost for one ton is 52RMB.
Machine maintenance   100  
Total cost   4550 Total cost for one ton potato starch production 
Starch price   6000 Current price for potato starch 
Profit   1450 Profit for one ton is about 1450RMB

Usually 20 tons/hr input potato starch production line can produce 30 tons starch per day, the total profit for one day will be 43500RMB (equals to 6600USD). Besides, during the whole potato starch production, water could be recycled in washing process, making the whole line environmental and energy-saving.
potato starch production line
Potato starch production line
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