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How to make corn syrup from corn starch ?

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corn syrup processing

Corn syrup processing

Corn syrup (also called glucose syrup )  is a food syrup which is made from the corn starch  and contains varying amounts of maltose and higher oligosaccharides, depending on the grade. Unlike other sweeteners, corn syrup doesn't crystallize and turn grainy when it's cold. Baked goods, frostings, sauces, and candies made with corn syrup are moister and stay fresh longer than those made with sugar. There are two types: light and dark, which has a stronger flavor with a hint of molasses.

corn syrup processing line machine

Corn syrup processing line machine

How to make corn syrup from corn starch ? In simple workds is that the corn syrup  is made by breaking down cornstarch with enzymes -- a bit like the natural process that occurs when corn sprouts -- and then refining it into a liquid sweetener.

The steps of corn syrup production line from corn starch to corn syrup:

1) Mixing process:  Mix corn starch with water make corn starch slurry .

2) Spray liquefied process : The spray jet will make the corn starch slurry into syrup at high temperature. 

corn syrup production machine

Corn syrup production machine


3). Saccharifying process : The liquified syrup with very low DE value , add some glucoamylase , the some liquified syrup will transfer to glucose . After the  value of syrup reach the requirement , increase the temperature to kill emzyme. 

4). Decoloration process : Use the activated carbon to remove the color of the glucose syrup . Mix activated carbon with glucose syrup at uniform temperature for some time , then press out the carbon from glucose syrup . For getting more clear glucose syrup , it usually need make two times . 

5) . Ion exchange process : Ion exchange machine will attract all the cation and anion  in the clean glucose syrup , it will improve the glucose quality.Small corn syrup plant will do not need this machine . 

corn syrup processing machine

Corn syrup processing machine


6) . Evaporate process : The evaporator will take out the water inside of the corn syrup  to increase the corn syrup density to reach the buyer requirement .

7).  Finished product storage: The corn syrup will storage at the corn syrup processing plant before transport

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