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Development trend of sweet potato starch production in Nigeria

Date:Nov 16, 2018/ Industry news/ Chat online

Sweet potato, potato, beans, corn, wheat, acorns and other plant starch extracts replace the old-fashioned acid slurry trough method, the starch recovery rate is higher than 4% to 6%, and the wastewater volume is less than two-thirds. The utility model gets the advantages of small occupied area, less labor and water consumption, high and stable starch yield. The general starch extraction rate is more than 85%, which is suitable for the current individual investment of sweet potato starch production in Nigeria. And it is conducive to saving overall investment.

Sweet potato can be divided into fresh one and dried one. The processing of fresh sweet potato starch belongs to manual production. However, the dried sweet potato as raw material in some processing line of sweet potato starch production in Nigeria is the industrial system.

sweet potato starchSweet potato starch

The traditional method of making sweet potato starch production in Nigeria involves four steps.

The first step is to remove mud and impurities;

The second step is crushing the sweet potato. After grinding, it is the most crucial step to separate the starch from the slag;

The third step is filtering sweet potato waste and precipitate the sweet potato residue as much as possible into the bucket. In the next day of sweet potato starch production in Nigeria, the sweet potato starch is deposited at the bottom, and then these large pieces of wet starch are dried;

The fourth step is to mash the large piece of sweet potato starch in a semi-wet condition artificially. Then the sweet potato starch production in Nigeria is finished.

sweet potato starch production plantSweet potato starch production plant

With the development of technology of sweet potato starch production in Nigeria, the market requirement for starch quality is getting higher, especially the processing of small starch processing is basically coarse starch, but the crude starch produced according to traditional production methods are low in operating efficiency and little in benefit. However, according to the current mode of production and process investment of large factories, with the advancement of technology, the new sweet potato starch production in Nigeria adopts fine processing technology, which uses semi-automatic control method. So it is energy saving and water saving. The quality of the starch produced by the sweet potato starch plant (reaching and exceeding the national standard starch) greatly reduces the production cost, which is 80% of the production cost of a big factory. It has the characteristics of intelligent installation, compact structure, simple operation, low investment, low production cost and convenient maintenance. It is not necessary to invest in large-scale environmental protection processing equipment. It is an ideal equipment for the small starch production industry. Mainly used in the production of refined starch such as potato, sweet potato and pueraria.

sweet potato starch production processModern sweet potato starch production machine

Here is the automatic production line of modern sweet potato starch production in Nigeria

The first step is cleaning and washing, mainly removes sand, stone and debris

The second is crushing sweet potato to extract starch, with a extraction rate of more than 95%, modern sweet potato starch production in Nigeria is more efficient than traditional one.

The third is fiber separation and sand removal, which produce more precision starch than traditional precipitation method.

Then is refining, mainly removes protein, cell sap and other impurities to ensure the whiteness of starch.

The fourth is starch dehydration and drying to get dry starch with moisture of 14% to meet commercial standard.

Today's modern sweet potato starch production in Nigeria guarantees the rate of sweet potato starch extraction and the quality of finished products. On the one hand, it saves labor costs and investment costs, on the other hand, it increases production efficiency.

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