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Starch processing plant after sale service

Date:Mar 08, 2018/ Solutions/ Chat online

Technical of personal:

Doing company offer training your machine operating staffs in stach processing plant:

1. Doing company will send the engineers to provide effective training for the buyer 2 months before stach processing plant starting.  And technical training center is set in the plant construction area.

2. Doing company will guarantee that operating staffs master machine operate and maintain completely after the technical training.

3. The main training will adopt the terms of on-site training in the client's starch processing plant, the trainees will participate in the pre-operational activities of the starch processing plant. That includes the final erection activities, dummy runs, start-up and plant operation as well as necessary practices concerning equipment operation. This training will be completed by Doing company.

starch processing equipment under packing and shipping

Starch processing equipment under packing and shipping

After sale service of starch processing plant by Doing company

1. The warranty period of the equipment and materials of the contract plant supplied by Doing company shall be 12 months after the date of acceptance of the contract plant by the buyer, but not later than 18 month from the date of starch processing plant delivery.

2. Within the validity period of the contract, Doing company will answer the questions from the buyer in connection with the design and technical problems in the supply scope of the contract and provide the relevant technical documentation to the buyer for free.

3. If any defective in equipment and materials of our starch processing plant are found, the buyer is obliged to notify Doing company within 1 week and the we will give a reply within one week.

3D photo of starch processing plant

Doing 3D photo of starch processing plant

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