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Potato starch manufacturing plant

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Potato starch manufacturing process in potato starch manufacturing plant can be divided into several parts as below:

1. Potato cleaning and washing section:

The fresh potato should be cleaned first, removing the stone, sand and other impurities as much as possible, then get ready to wash. Rotary washing machine in potato starch manufacturing plant is used for further removing sand, soil and other attached debris.

2. Potato crushing section:

Potatoes goes into rasper through screw conveyor for crushing. In this section, potatos is crushed into potato slurry in potato starch manufacturing plant.

potato starch manufacturing machinePotato starch crushing machine

3. Slurry-residue separation section:

The crushing potato starch slurry contains most of fibers and other impurities, which need to be separated in potato starch manufacturing plant. The starch slurry is pumped into centrifuge sieve to separate the fibers and starch.

4. Concentration and purification section:

This section is for starch concentration, washing and refining of starch slurry in potato starch manufacturing plant. Hydrocyclone station is used in this process to get high concentrated starch milk.

Potato starch manufacturing machinePotato starch refining machine

5. Starch dewatering section:

In potato starch manufacturing plant, dewatering is for reducing water content of starch milk. After vacuum filter dewatering, starch water content is 38%-40%.

6. Potato starch drying and packing section:

After dewatering, the starch enters into air drying machine, where wet starch combined with hot steam. After this process in potato starch manufacturing plant, the starch water content will be less than 14%. Then the collected starch is packed for storage.

This is the whole potato starch manufacturing plant supply by our factory.

Potato starch manufacturing plant3D potato of potato starch manufacturing plant

The main features of DOING potato starch manufacturing plant:

1. Advanced designed technology, closed production, clean and safety.

2. High extracting rate of potato starch, low energy cost, save the input cost of potato starch manufacturing plant.

3. Automatic continuous production to ensure production and quality

Potato starch manufacturing plant project is a high efficiency project all over the world. As potato starch machinery supplier, Doing Company can not only supply complete set of potato starch manufacturing machine for you, but also make the solutions about potato starch manufacturing plant as your requests.

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