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What market preparations need to be done before the tapioca starch processing plant is built?

Date:Aug 31, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

The establishment of a tapioca starch processing plant or any other tapioca processing plant involves many aspects such as investment budget, land, plant building, processing technology and equipment, staff arrangement, etc. In any case, market research and feasibility analysis are essential before setting up the plant.

What market preparations need to be done before the tapioca starch processing plant is built? The article can give you some suggestions.

build tapioca starch processing plant preparationsWhat market preparations need to be done before the tapioca starch processing plant is built?

1. Background of tapioca starch processing project.

Comprehensive analysis of the current status of the starch factory in your country. Pay attention to government policy and control on setting up a tapioca starch factory.

2. Sales market research on tapioca starch.

Tapioca starch has wide applications in the food and non-food processing industry such as food additives, paper making, textile, printing, cosmetics, etc. Where there are industrial activities, there will be starch consumption. You should find a stable starch buyer and see the quantity of starch they need and the price of starch per ton, based on which you can finish the feasibility study.

3. Raw material source.

Fresh tapioca roots are used as raw materials to make starch. It is easy to get tapioca in African countries, but it is not easy to get a stable and adequate tapioca supply. Whether you plant tapioca on your farm or you need to buy from others, you should have a complete plan in advance.

cassava sourceCassava source

4. Processing technology and equipment of tapioca starch plant

Tapioca starch processing technology of starch production is very mature around the world. But machines from different suppliers vary a lot. Equipment configuration can greatly influence starch extraction yield. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right supplier. Henan Jinrui company has rich experience in designing and supplying tapioca starch processing equipment. Our technology is almost the same as European supplier, while we can give a more competitive price.

5. Plant construction

The plant construction mainly includes workshop buildings, warehouse buildings, office buildings, etc. According to the market demand for starch and raw material source, the production capacity of the starch line needs to be confirmed. And then the machinery supplier will give you advice on the area size you need to prepare. Next, you need to find a local construction company to calculate the construction cost.

6. Project cycle

It takes time to finish the construction of a tapioca starch factory, too. Based on our experience, it takes about 2-3 months to manufacture machines by the supplier, about 1-2 months are needed for shipping, and 3-4 months are required for installation, commissioning, etc. Considering other transportation time and unexpected things, you should plan one year to finish a starch factory. 

staff arrangement and trainingStaff arrangement and training

7. Staff arrangement and running cost

After the tapioca starch processing plant is installed, factory management is very important. One experienced engineer is necessary for a factory. Besides, 8-12 workers are needed. And to run the factory, apart from raw tapioca consumption and labor, water and electricity are the main costs.

Above is a brief introduction of preparation works you need to do before setting up a tapioca starch processing plant. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at any time.


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