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Four specific requirements for site selection of sweet potato starch processing plants

Date:Sep 09, 2022/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Sweet potato tubers are widely planted in the world. In addition to direct consumption, sweet potato starch is the most profitable idea to process sweet potato tubers. If you want to set up a sweet potato starch processing plant, here are four pieces of advice provided about plant site selection.

sweet potato starch processing plantSweet potato strach processing plant

1. Geographic position

In the sweet potato starch processing plant site, you should consider the site position where near materials to keep materials fresh degree. If you want to use fresh sweet potato tubers to process starch, the site should near materials and near highways. Then in the transport process, there is lower cost.

2. Terrain

Normally sweet potato starch processing plant will be set up in a flat and wide place. On the one hand, transport is convenient; on the other hand, it is easy to release wastewater on flat land. One sweet potato starch processing plant should be at least around 5000-6000 square meters. So people also should choose suitable terrain and transportation to transport starch.

3. Water resource

In sweet potato starch processing, there needs enough water. Normally speaking, 1ton sweet potato tubers need 2tons of water per hour, the cleaning water can recycle use. Thus water resource is very important around the plant location site.

4. Electricity

Around the starch factory location, electricity is a necessary condition. There is a better place where can near the electricity supply station or has a generator can supply electricity.

Moreover, the place has good geological conditions and the soil has sufficient carrying capacity also should be considered.

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