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Cassava starch machine

  • Introduction

Henan Doing Machinery is a cassava starc machine manufacturer, the existing leading products for cassava starch processing includes: dry sieve, paddle washing machine, rasper, centrifugal sieve, fine filter, sand removal machine, hydrocyclone station, dewatering machine, dryer and packing machine. DOING cassava starch machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large processing capacity, high starch extraction rate, advanced technology, simple operation and high automation. As professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, the parameters of cassava starch machine can be tailored according to requirements.

cassava starch machineCassava starch machine

Dry sieve - It has the functions of potato cleaning and conveying, so that there is no need to add a cassava lifting machine. It is a widely used cassava starch machine for impurities removal. The running speed of dry sieve is stable and will not damage the material. It is high efficient and energy-saving, can process 10-30 tons of potato per hour, and the power can be configured according to the output.

Paddle washing machine - The paddle washer is a device equipped with a plurality of stirring blades on the main shaft, which is especially suitable for the cleaning of long shape tubers. This cassava starch machine utilizes the principle of bionics and integrates various cleaning methods such as stirring, friction, impact, etc., and can remove the sediment in the long tuber-like material without damaging the material.

By principle of countercurrent washing, this machine can effectively remove mud, sand and other debris of cassava.

cassava starch machineCassava cleaning machine

Rasper for cassava crushing - DOING rasper is the an advanced crushing machine on the market. By introducing Germany Optibelt and Sweden SKF bearing, this cassava starch machine not only advance in technology but also excellent in performance. Its grating rate is more than 94%. It achieves the most effective grating effect at present, and the starch can be fully released, and the starch loss in potato slag is very small.

Starch and slag separation machine - The grated starch slurry is conveyed to the centrifugal sieve through a screw pump, and the sieve basket of cassava starch machine is driven by the power portion to rotate at a high speed. Under the spray of the washing system, the fine starch granules are discharged through the screen during the movement, and the larger starch granules cannot pass through the screen and gradually fall into the slag bin and be carried away by the slag pump. The cassava dregs and starch slurry are continuously flushed by the flushing water during the movement to the edge of the sieve basket to maximize the removal of free starch adsorbed in the slurry. In addition, under the action of the backflush pipe on the screen surface, the fine slag adsorbed by the screen surface can be removed, and the clogging of the screen surface can be effectively avoided to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

cassava starch machineCassava crushing machine

Sand removal machine - The desander cyclone is based on the principle of centrifugal separation to remove sand, thus to improve the taste of starch and ensure the quality of starch.

Hydrocyclone station - The hydrocyclone station technology is based on the latest introduction of advanced starch refining technology at home and abroad. With its unique structure and different combination forms, this cassava starch machine can independently complete the separation, washing, clarification, concentration, screening and other operational tasks in starch processing. This cassava starch machine is used to replace the trough and sedimentation tank in traditional cassava starch processing line, improve processing efficiency, reduce manual labor and improve starch quality.

cassava starch machinePeeler centrifuge

Starch dehydration machine - The peeler centrifuge is a commonly used cassava starch machine for starch dehydration. The starch moisture content after dehydrating is about 38%. The device can automatically control the starch milk feeding, achieving automatical scraper discharging, and good dehydration effect. Stainless steel material prevents starch from being contaminated thereby ensures starch quality. In addition, Doing Company can offer siphon type peeler centrifuge which can effectively decrease moisture content of starch to 36.5%.

Air flow dryer - The dehydrated wet starch enters the starch flash dryer, and the dried starch has a moisture content of about 14%. The whole cassava starch machine adopts automatic control system. By measuring the moisture and temperature difference of the feed, the feed amount and the intake air amount are automatically adjusted to ensure the stability of the product moisture. It has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, short drying time and large processing capacity.

cassava starch machineStarch drying machine

Packing machine - The main engine of this cassava starch machine adopts fast, medium and slow three-speed feeding and bucket metering, advanced digital frequency conversion control technology, and automatic error compensation and correction. It has the characteristics of accurate weighing, fast measuring and packing speed, and labor saving.

The above is the complete set of cassava starch machine, in order to ensure the machine works around the clock, the machines should conform to the reliable, high precision, robust, flexible, and adjustable. Doing Company has factory to manufacturer cassava starch machine, and our engineer can design cassava starch machine according to your requirements and budget. Your visiting to our factory is welcomed.


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