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Different cassava dewatering machine

Date:2023-03-08/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

Cassava can be processed into various products such as garri, cassava flour and cassava starch. During the processing of these products, there is a dewatering process. According to the processing characteristics of these products, Henan Jinrui has designed different cassava dewatering machine. The following will introduce you in detail.

1. Hydraulic press dewatering machine

Hydraulic presses are commonly used in garri production lines, which work by extrusion. The grated cassava is ground into cassava pulp, and then the hydraulic press dewatering machine adopts hydraulic pressure and reliable electric control system to squeeze the moisture in the material directly out of the barrel. We have designed two types of machines: one is stand-alone without outer barrel, and the other is collected with outer barrel to meet different requirements. It is made of food-grade stainless steel, which can be used in both garri production and cassava flour production line.

cassava dewatering machineGarri dewatering machine hydraulic press

2. Plate and frame filter press

This machine is also a dehydrator, which is usually used in the cassava flour production line. In the fully automatic cassava flour processing line, the pulverized cassava pulp will be intermittently sent to the plate and frame filter press, which is also the principle of extrusion dehydration. The water content of cassava cake after dehydration is about 40%. Compared with the hydraulic press dewatering machine, the plate and frame filter press has a larger processing capacity and higher dehydration efficiency. We suggest to choose the appropriate dewatering machine according to your cassava flour processing scale. If it is a small-scale automatic production of cassava flour, the hydraulic press dewatering machine can fully meet your needs. But if you have a large cassava flour processing plant, then having a high-efficiency plate and frame filter press to complete the dewatering process can make your plant run more efficiently. Henan Jinrui has different models of cassava dewatering machine for you to choose from.

Hydraulic press dewatering machinePlate and frame filter press
Capacity500kg/hSelect as your request
Drum diameter(mm)450/
Filter area(m2)/

cassava dewatering machinePlate-frame filter press cassava dewatering machine

3. Vacuum filter

Vacuum filter is a dewatering machine for starch production. The device has a rotor with surface mesh on the conveyor. Its working principle is to use the vacuum pump to draw out the water, and the starch is adsorbed on the surface net. When the starch reaches a certain thickness, the scraper below will scrape off the starch. Usually the water content can reach 38%. The machine has low energy consumption, high dehydration rate and good working performance, which is an ideal choice for large and medium-sized starch processing plants.

4. Peeler centrifuge

This is another cassava dewatering machine used in starch processing for refined starch milk. It is equipped with a horizontal drum, automatic control of starch milk feeding, automatic scraper feeding and discharging. This cassava dehydrator has a higher capacity and is generally suitable for cassava starch factories with larger processing scales. The water content can reach 36.5%. 【Recommended reading: Teach you how to choose starch processing machines

cassava dewatering machineCassava dewatering machine

Cassava dewatering machine is usually divided into these four types, if you want to know more, please contact Henan Jinrui Company. As a professional cassava deep processing machine manufacturer, Henan Jinrui has an independent technical research and development team and manufacturing factory, which can provide you with a full set of cassava processing machine, such as garri, cassava flour, and cassava starch equipment. Looking forward to your consultation.


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