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DOING second time install cassava processing factory in Nigeria!

In 2019, DOING engineer team fly to Nigeria for the second time for cassava processing factory in Nigeria project. This is our second cassava processing factory project in Nigeria.

cassava processing factory in nigeriaDOING engineer team and customers

This project of cassava processing factory in Nigeria starts from 2016. In the Shanghai Starch Exhibition in June 2016, the first time we meet this Nigerian customer, which left a deep impression on the client and laid a good foundation for future cooperation. After the exhibition, due to geographical and linguistic constraints, we communicated with Nigeria customer through email and telephone as well as WhatsApp software with a professional and responsible attitude.

In the process of communication, the head of Nigerian company said that before identifying the partners, there had been a comparison of several other Chinese equipment suppliers, including many powerful starch production and manufacturing enterprises. After careful consideration, from the advanced equipment, scientific configuration, process rationality, quality and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, he still choose and believe DOING Company!

cassava processing factory in nigeriaCassava processing factory installation in Nigeria

In February 2017, the two sides agreed on the details and signed the contract for cassava processing factory in Nigeria! Before paying down the deposit for equipment, Nigeria appointed Chinese partners as domestic representatives to visit our factory, visiting on-the-spot the company's large-scale equipment production and processing workshop, finished equipment workshop, foundry molding workshop and process research laboratory, etc. Finally, we have gained recognition becaused of advanced equipment, mature manufacturing experience and overall strength.

In 2018. because of Nigeria bank loan delaying problem, which lead to the project suspend around one year, and we delivery the whole cassava starch processing line when August 2018.

In March 2019. Doing engineer and translator team fly to Lagos,Nigeria for this new cassava processing factory installation.

Please see more photos in the cassava processing factory in Nigeria installation project site:

cassava processing factory in nigeriaCassava processing factory construction

In the following 3-4 months,we wil have a rough plan about the project of cassava processing factory in Nigeria:

1. Considering that there is not any foundation work for client project site, we need provide our foundation drawing to client, and supervisor the local workers finsh the foundation work firstly in around one month.

During the this month, our engineer will help the client to check if all sizes of cassava processing factory in Nigeria correct or not and avoid mistake, which will ensure the future work going smoothly.

2. At the same time, collecting all the elements in the 4pcs HQ containters, There are more than 500pcs small or big elements in total,we shall make all of them in right place.

3. Big machine in place for cassava processing factory in Nigeria firstly.

4. Cassava starch dryers assemblying work, to easy to ship, dryers have to assembly in project site, which is also a complex job, may need 1 month

5. Connection work between machines, we need make many non-standard connections between two machines, ensure the well connected when running.

cassava processing factory in nigeriaCassava processing factory construction base

6. Piping work and electricity, that needs around 15days.

7. Testing cassava processing machine one by one, that needs one week,

8. Commissioning the whole cassava processing factory in Nigeria, that needs about half a month

9. Trial running: firslty use water to run, secondly use less material to run, and then use required capacity of cassava to run the whole processing line;. that may also needs one month

10. Whole cassava processing factory in Nigeria runnning

Doing company is professional in starch processing plant project design, installation and debugging, had set up many projects in many different countries,for exmaple, Nigeria, Tanzania, Indenesia, South Africa, Thailand,etc with highly approval from all of clients.

When this cassava processing factory in Nigeria finish installation, we will invite different clients come to visit the factory running.  Anything about starch processing project you want to learn, please contact us directly.


DOING company offers cassava processing machine from single machine to the complete production line. If you want to get more details about cassava processing machine, please contact us: