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Automated garri making machine

  • Introduction

Automated garri making machine including cassava raw materials cleaning machine, cassava washing machine, cassava peeling machine, cassava grating machine, garri dehydrating machine, garri frying machine, garri sieving machine and garri packing machine. Henan Jinrui has been engaged in the production of garri making machines for more than ten years, and we have provided garri making machines for more than 80 countries. Next, Henan Jinrui will give you a detailed introduction to the advantages and functions of the automated garri processing machine.

garri  making machineThe main automated garri processing machine in garri production line

Cassava cleaning machine: The function of the cassava raw material cleaning machine, we call it dry sieve, is to remove the large sand, branches and leaves attached to the surface of the cassava raw material. The advantage of dry sieve is that it can almost completely remove large impurities on the surface of cassava without damaging the raw material of cassava.

Cassava washing machine: Cassava washing machine also known as paddle washing machine, uses the principle of countercurrent washing and uses the reaction of water and the rotation of the blade to wash the cassava. After washing by paddle washing machine, the stubborn impurities on the surface of cassava will be thoroughly washed away.

Cassava peeling machine: Henan Jinrui's cassava peeling machine uses friction to remove cassava peels. It can fully remove cassava peels and subcutaneous cutin. The peeling rate of cassava peeling machine is as high as 95%.

cassava peeling machineCassava peeling machine of Henan Jinrui

Cassava grating machine: The function of the cassava grating machine is to fully grind the cassava raw materials to crush the lumpy cassava into fine cassava pulp. After crushed the cassava by the cassava grating machine, the cassava raw material is completely broken, and the obtained cassava pulp is more conducive to fermentation.

Garri dehydrating machine: Henan Jinrui recommends that you use hydraulic press in the garri production process. The hydraulic press uses pressure to squeeze out the water in the cassava pulp. It uses hydraulic system and reliable electronic control system to ensure the dehydration effect and operational safety. It has a high degree of automation, and Henan Jinrui's special technology ensures the continuity and stability of the machine.

Garri frying machine: Garri frying machine garri fryer is a machine that can automatically stir garri and automatically control the temperature of pot. It can fry the wet garri until the moisture content of the garri reaches the marketable standard. Its advantage is that the pot body is heated quickly and evenly, and the pot body temperature is automatically adjusted, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of pot sticking.

garri frying machine garri fryerDetails of garri frying machine garri fryer

Garri sieving machine: The garri screening machine provided by Henan Jinrui can be called vibration sieve. The vibration sieve is a high-precision fine particle sieving machine. It continuously sieves through various sizes of screens to separate garri of different particles. After sieving, the finished garri will be more refined and pure. It has the advantages of high performance, high screening speed and high screening accuracy.

Garri packing machine: The garri packaging machine controls the weight and speed of packaging garri through a computer. From the garri feeding, weighing to the sewing of the packaging bag is fully automated. It is not only fast in packing, but also accurate in weight control.

The above is all the automated garri making machines in the garri production process. The reason why the automated garri making machine is becoming more and more popular in the current garri processing industry is they have fast processing speed, large processing capacity and large output, which can save you a lot of time, manpower, and can faster bring you profit. If you need automated garri making machine, please contact Henan Jinrui.


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