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Starch production line
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Nigeria client visit our company for cassava starch processing machine

Nigeria client visit our company for cassava starch processing machine

Nigeria client visit our company for cassava starch processing machinery  this week

This week our Nigeria client visit our factory about cassava starch processing machinery. We arranged Nigeria client to visit our workshop. Client checks all of the gcassava starch processing machinery such like cassava wahing and peeling machine, cassava grating machine, cassava starch extacting machine, cassava cyclone groups and our starch dryer machine etc. When clients comes, our workers are busy on producing the cassava starch processing machinery for another customers in Lagos Nigeria. Client is very satisfied with our cassava starch processing machinery and also takes photos with our workers.

Our company designed the cassava starch processing machinery independently, cassava flour processing machinery, garri processing machinery etc. since 1994. With many years of experience. Only in 2017.we build three cassava processing machinery projects in Nigeria, all of them about cassava starch processing machinery, cassava flour processing machinery.

Below is the picture of the cassava starch processing machinery in Abia, Nigeria

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch processing machine

Besides the cassava starch processing machinery, client is also interested in machines for garri processing and cassava chips processing. Our company have more than 23 years experience about cassava processing machinery manufacturing and sales. We focus on supplying client the highest quality and best service of all projects.

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