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Cassava starch production project in Nigeria

Date:Oct 20, 2017/ Enterprise news/ Chat online


My company have one cassava starch production manufacturing project in Nigeria, it is one 50 T/D cassava starch production project,and according to the actual cassava starch production plant , my company's technical staff produced this 3D video to show the entire process of cassava starch production line. Afrer watching this video, you will have a clear idea about the cassava starch production.

cassava starch production project in Nigeria
Cassava starch production project in Nigeria
The cassava starch processing plant production process including: cassava cleaning and washing section,cassava crushing and milling section,starch extraction by centrifuge section,de-sanding section,concentration and refining by hydro cyclone group section,vacuum dewatering section,flash drying,sieving and packing section. 


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