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Tapioca starch processing machine

Tapioca starch processing machine

Tapioca starch processing machine

Tapioca starch processing machine description:

tapioca starch processing machine

1.Feeder & cleaning

The raw material fresh tapioca delivery to cage washer through scrape board to get the result of decontamination, cleaning and peel. Then through a paddle-washing slot, material is sent to crash section.

2.crushing and refining

The crashed material is sent to centrifugal sieve through pump to extract starch and separate tapioca residues. Centrifugal sieve group are 4 or 5 stages, the front stages is to extract starch and the last stage is to dewater the potato residue. The whole stage adopts countercurrent washing to get the best results and saving water. tapioca residue is sent out of workshop after separation of residue slurry for further processing.

3. Hydrocyclone

Tapioca Starch slurry reaches starch hydrocyclone group to refine starch. 18 stages hydrocyclone is usually adopted for cassava starch and is divided into three functional areas, which are starch washing, recycling and concentration area. The concentration of starch discharged from the last stage can reach 23Be.And protein is less than 0.1%.

4. Dehydration

Dehydration section follows the refining section. Compared with other starch, it is more suitable for tapioca starch to dewater by vacuum filter. Moisture content of dewatered starch is 38~40%. Wet starch is sent to drying system.

5. Tapioca starch drying

Starch drying adopts  air-drying system. We add some automatic controlling equipment to the system to control the volume of hot intaking gas and feeding through measuring the temperature of exhausting gas. Thus the stable temperature and moderate feeding volume can be assured to guarantee starch quality.

Dried starch reaches sieving system. High efficiency cooling starch sifter is used to cool starch and get the best starch viscosity.

6. Drum sieve & final starch

Sieved starch now reaches to packing section. We adopt automatic packer that is controlled by computer. Because of its full-seal operation, there is no powder dust in packing shop. It is the desired packing equipment for tapioca starch machine.

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