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Starch drying equipment

Starch drying equipment introduction:

Grain starch can be stored for years if dried to the same moisture content as their parent grain. Most commercial starches like cornstarch and tapioca starch are dried to 12% - 15% moisture.

In the wet method of starch produciton, it will get the wet starch cake after the purified starch slurry dewatering. The wet starch should be dried by the starch drying equipment before packing and stockage. The starch drying equipment use hot air to remove the excess mositure inside the wet starch to get high quality dry starch.

starch drying equipment

Starch drying equipment configuration:

1. The starch drying equipment adopts a closed negative pressure operation to eliminate the dusting phenomenon under positive pressure;

2. The bottom of the main starch drying equipment adopts the reinforced pulverizing device, which can break up the agglomerated wet materials to avoid the settlement of the materials and ensure the uniformity of product fineness;

3. The combination of dry straight pipe and pulse drying pipe of starch drying equipment ensures that the dried material has sufficient residence time in the dryer to achieve the purpose of material drying and reach the final moisture requirement of the material;

4. In order to increase the product yield and reduce the exhaust dust emission, the micro-powder recycling uses the pulse bag filter to recover the dust, and the effect is very good.

starch drying equipmentStarch drying equipment

The main technical parameters of starch drying equipment:

Model Power(kw) Evaporation water(kg/h) Labor Starch capacity t/d (Moisture≤40%)
QZWG-5 14 ≥100 2 5t
QZWG-10 23 ≥200 3 10t
QZWG-20 43 ≥400 3 20t
QZWG-30 50 ≥600 4 30t
QZWG-50 75 ≥1000 4 50t
QZWG-100 135 ≥2000 5 100t

Customized capacity of starch drying equipment is available.

Application of starch drying equipment:

1. Sweet potato starch production line

2. Potato starch production line

3. Cassava starch production line

4. Corn starch production line

5. Wheat starch production line

6. Yam starch processing line

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