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Potato starch manufacturing process

Date:Sep 21, 2018/ Starch production line/ Chat online

About the potato starch manufacturing process, it insisted by the potato cleaning and washing process, potato crushing process, potato starch slurry washing process, potato starch purify, starch slurry dewatering and drying. This potato starch manufacturing process actually is a complete production system, requests a totally set of equipments from potato cleaning to the starch package.

potato starch manufacturing process

Potato starch manufacturing process

Description of potato starch manufacturing process for your reference

(1) Raw material receiving unit : The potato is carried besides the storage pool after weighing.
(2) Water transport: The exit of the storage pool is water transportation channel, important for the whole process water requests.
(3) De-stone and washing unit of potato starch manufacturing process : Potato is transferred into the screw de-stone machine to be cleaned by water flow.
potato starch manufacturing process


(4) Rasper unit of potato starch manufacturing process : 
Potato starch rasper is one of the key machines in potato and potato starch manufacturing process. The purpose of potato starch rasper is to open all the tuber cells so that all the starch granules will be released.
Potato starch rasper integrates the advantages of domestic and international product, novel design, compact structure, high speed,the material rasping fine, uniform particles, free starch high extraction rate, It’s the achievements of Doing company cooperate with the international advanced technology.
(5) De-sanding cyclone unit of potato starch manufacturing process : After milling, the starch milk is transferred to de-sanding cyclone by fiber pump.
potato starch manufacturing process

Potato starch manufacturing plant

(6) Centrifugal extracting unit : The mixture is transferred to the 3 stage or 4 stage centrifugal sieves, each sieve works with a fiber pump and a de-foam pump. 
(7) Potato residue dewatering unit of potato starch manufacturing process : The potato residue will be pumped to the centrifugal sieve for dewatering, the centrifugal sieve works like the extraction sieve. 
potato starch manufacturing process

Potato starch manufacturing process

(8) Concentration and refining unit:  The starch milk from centrifugal sieve goes into the 16 stages of refining hydro-cyclone, and fresh water comes into the cyclone from the end of system. 
(9) Vacuum dewatering unit of potato starch manufacturing process : The starch slurry is pumped into inlet tank of vacuum dewatering machine. 
potato starch manufacturing process

Potato starch drying unit

(10) Air drying unit of potato starch manufacturing process : After dewatering process, the air dryer will dry the starch to the required moisture of the commercial starch. 
(11) Sieving and storage unit : The sieve is used to separate the coarse and fine starch particle.
The potato starch manufacturing process can be redesign and produced according to the clients demand,the material of potato starch manufacturing machine can be stainless steel and carbon steel. Henan Doing Company as the professional potato starch manufacturing machine supplier. We can provide you high quality potato processing machinery.
potato starch manufacturing machine
Welcome to DOING
Doing Company potato starch manufacturing process machine with features as below:

1. Our potato starch manufacturing process machine and technology adopts unique cleaning crushing filtering system, completely with manual principle design, compared with the equipment technology at home and abroad, with high efficiency, energy saving, high starch extraction rate, high ecnomic benefit, practicability and advanced features.

2. Separation section uses the multi-stage filtration, multiple squeeze in circulation process have overcame the pure elutriation filter without drain, starch can not be completely extracted defects, greatly improving the starch extraction yield and the extraction rate can reach to more than 90%.

3. High starch extraction rate, this potato starch manufacturing process adopt three-stage extruded, multi-stage filtration technology, effectively improve the starch extraction rate.

4. Final starch with high quality. Our potato starch manufacturing process technology combines fresh potato crushing, slurry separation, starch filter, and fine filter process as a whole, automatic continuous production, to avoid the starch oxidation and change brown in the processing, final starch is white color, no impurity. High grade, good economic benefit.

5. Large energy saving. Each ton fresh potato consumes about 1.5kw, compared with similar products in the market, the average energy saving is over 30%.

6. Recycle water, save water effectively: The fine filtration water can be used in the secondary extrusion process, and the waste water can be recycled, which can effectively save water resources and reduce the cost.



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