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8TPH cassava/fufu flour processing plant project installed in Congo


In July 2022, one set cassava/fufu flour processing plant project in Congo was successfully installed and put into production. This cassava/fufu flour processing plant is mainly used to process cassava to flour with wet production method. The equipment has the advantages of high production efficiency and high degree of automation.

The Lebanese client has a strong company and is involved in many businesses includes foam equipment and steel Equipment, etc. He learned that the current popular government supports the policy of replacing wheat flour with cassava flour, and thought that entering the processing business of cassava flour might be a good choice. Then the client contacted Doing Holdings Company - Henan Jinrui Company and expressed that he wanted to invest in the cassava/fufu flour processing project in Congo, and already had a very clear project plan. The client said they paid more attention to production technology and company strength in this project.

cassava flour processing machineCassava/fufu flour processing machine

During the communication period, Doing Company showed the client the key processes of the cassava/fufu flour processing project and showed the client our factory pictures, operation videos, and project cases. In mid-July, after learning that the Lebanese client has a branch in China, we invited the head of their branch to visit Doing Holding Company to visit the factory. Our professional engineers and sales managers lead the client to inspect the company's strengths and the processing technology of the factory. Our engineers introduced our cassava/fufu flour processing technology to the client in detail. After learend our equipment adopts international advanced wet processing technology, which can ensure the high productivity of cassava flour. And it also combined with the rich project experience of the engineers of Doing Holdings Company for ten years. For various professional and processing problems raised by the client, we can propose suitable solutions for the client.

In addition, Doing Holdings Company offered a 5% guarantee deposit to ensure the quality of the equipment. Doing relies on a sincere service attitude, rich project experience, and strong technical strength to impress the client. In September, the client happily decided to sign a project contract with us.

cassava flour processing equipment is packed and shippedCassava/fufu flour processing equipment is packed and shipped to Congo

According to the contract, the cassava/fufu flour processing equipment was manufactured and inspected by the client in March 2020. All cassava/fufu flour processing equipment is packaged and shipped according to the contract list and will be sent to Congo at the end of March.

cassava flour processing machine were installedCassava/fufu flour processing machine were installed

Because the COVID-19, the client decides to hire engineers to install the equipment by himself. Our engineers guide the installation of equipment with customers through video calls to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment. At the same time, it is equipped with installation and operation manuals to help client workers to operate the cassava flour/fufu flour processing machine correctly.

With the joint efforts of customers and Doing Holdings Company, the cassava/fufu flour production project was successfully put into operation.

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