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Jiaozuo 25TPH processing capacity potato starch processing plant

Before in 2013, one of our customer from Jiaozuo, Henan province, China contact us for our potato starch processing machine, want to construct a potato starch processing plant. Because our factory also located in Jiaozuo, so we accompany the customer to our factory to see the machines directly. Then we also signed the contract at the factory, after the deposit recevied our factory began to manufacturer the machines for our customer, then completed the construction in the beginning of 2014, now this plant has been worked nearly 4 years. Recently, we went to this potato starch processing plant for a visiting, it works well and with a good economic benefit. You can click potato starch processing plant to see our potato starch prodction technology and the main machines introduction.

potato starch production machine

Machines prepared for shippment

potato starch extraction process


Because this potato starch processing plant and our factory all in Jiaozuo, so no need to shipped by the container, just several big trucks. Following is this project development process introduction:

On the 22tn in May in 2013, Jiaozuo customer pay the deposit, Doing Company cchedule manufacturer of the machines as soon as possible.

On September 10th in 2013, Doing Company load and ship the equipment to our customer. At the same time, our engineer went to confirm the plant installation area with this customer.

In the end of September, this potato starch processing plant began to the machine's installation.

On December 14th, the machine's installation and debugging completed, our engineers return to our Company.

potato starch processing line

Our engineer with customer discuss the plant installation area

From the video you can see all the main machines and the production process in this plant, we offered potato starch processing plant with fully sealing production process, prevent the starch slurry exposed to air, guarantee the starch extraction process cleaning enough, this plant cost area 300m2, with the potato processing capacity 25 ton per hour, it's a middle scale potato starch processing plant, all the machines from potato cleaning machine to the packing machine, also include the automatic control system and the laoratory equipment are manufacturered and installation by Doing Company. The main machines in this potato starch processing plant include the dry sieve, rotary drum cleaner, rasping machine, centrifugal sieve, fine fiber sieve, vacuum dewater machine and the flash dryer. It's proud to tell you this Jiao zuo potato starch processing plant adopted our rasping machine instead of the traditional hammer type crushing machine, greatly improved the potato starch extraction rate.

potato starch production plant

This plant profile

This potato starch processing plant signed the potato purchase constract with farmers to decrease it's cost of the raw material, guanantee the raw material sources, also better for the farmers potato sale condition, it was strongly supported by the local government, coupled with the purchase of domestic advanced processing equipment and automatic potato starch production line, after fixation, engineers personally to the factory installation and debugging equipment. Nowadays, this potato starch processing plant has been operation smoothly, not only realizes higher social value, but also creates considerable economic benefit in Jiaozuo.


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