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Xinxiang sweet potato starch project

Date:Dec 21, 2020/ Project/ Chat online/ Technical support

Latest news

Recently, the sweet potato starch production line ordered by Xinxiang customer from Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui has been installed. The trial run has now been completed. During the trial operation of the sweet potato starch production line, the customer confirmed that the sweet potato starch processing machine had no abnormal phenomena and the production status was normal. Under the guidance of our engineers, the customer’s employees have now fully understood the use of the equipment and can complete the daily production of sweet potato starch. After the customer's consent, our engineers have left the factory and returned.

sweet potato starch processing plantThe layout of Xinxiang sweet potato starch production plant

The reason why customers choose us

It is understood that Xinxiang customers have consulted with many sweet potato starch production line suppliers before contacting Henan Jinrui. After communicating with our project manager, the customer visited the equipment production factory of Henan Jinrui. During the visit to our factory, customers found that our company has rich experience starch processing machine production and installation, the equipment production technology is mature and the processing flow is skilled. Therefore, the customer finally chose Henan Jinrui as the supplier of his sweet potato starch production line, and signed the contract and paid the deposit on the spot.

Xinxiang sweet potato starch production line operation video

The following are real shots of the long-term trial operation of sweet potato starch processing by Xinxiang customers.

If you want to learn more about the sweet potato starch production line and sweet potato starch processing machine, welcome to visit the factory of Henan Jinrui! Our company not only has equipment production factory in China, but also has equipment storage warehouses in Nigeria for the convenience of customers. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of sweet potato starch production line, please leave me your contact information, our project manager will contact you soon.


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