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Semi-automatic potato starch production plant

Date:Apr 29, 2019/ Starch production line/ Chat online

Use potato to produce starch is a good project for potato deep processing, because of potato starch is a basic material for kinds of potato food production, also widely used in varities of industrial production and daily life. To save investment, many people choose to adopt semi-automatic potato starch production plant. Not long ago, Doing Company manufacturer a set of semi-automatic potato starch production plant for our customer in Gansu province, China.

Following is the main equipments introduction which is used in this semi-automatic potato starch production plant:

potato starch production plantPotato starch production plant 3D photo

1. Screw conveyor: used for potatoes transfer, drive the potatoes forward with the spiral rod, continuously working, large capacity, high speed, easy to operate and maintance, the material can be stainless steel or carbon steel as your requests.

2. Rotary drum washer: used for potatoes washing process, filter the sand, weed and other impurities, fully remove the dirt in potato performance and not destroy the potato body. Drum outter equipped with special design, scrape away the deposited soil, guarantee the washer working continuously. At same time, we can add impurity collecting tank in the bottom and sewage diversion tank for you, keep your potato starch production plant clean.

potato washing machinePotato washing machine

3. Potato rasper: crush potatoes to free starch, Doing Company newest rasper fully destroy the potato cell wall and protein, fine crushing, free the starch entirely from potatoes. Stainless steel structure, advanced technology, long service life.

4. Centrifugal sieve: to washing the potato starch slurry, good performance for slurry seperation, not plug the sieving screen.

5. Desander: further washing the starch slurry, remove the fine particles from potato starch. This machine is essential in the semi-automatic potato starch production plant.

potato starch production machinePotato starch dewatering machine

6. Airflow dryer: a dedicated drying machine for starch, fastly dry the potato starch moisture to 12%-14%, get high grade potato starch, its the last step in this semi-automatic potato starch production plant.

Doing Company also supply fullly automatic potato starch production plant, the capacity can be large and small as your select. Generally speaking, 3-5 tons potato can produce 1ton potato starch. 

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