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Potato dry cleaning machine

Ⅰ. Introduction

Potato dry cleaning machine is a cleaning device specially used for removing raw materials such as potato and sweet potato to remove surface sediment and impurities. It is the first process used in the starch processing step, and has the function of removing stone and lifting potato.

Cleaning is one of the most important steps in the potato starch production process. The cleanliness of raw material by potato dry cleaning machine is directly related to the quality of starch and the difficulty of subsequent processing.

potato dry cleaning machineCleaning machine for potato and sweet potato cleaning

Ⅱ. Purpose of potato dry cleaning machine

The cleaning of potato raw materials is to remove the sediment, clods, gravel, impurities, etc. attached to the surface of the potatoes. Before starting the crushing, the maximum cleaning of the materials by potato dry cleaning machine can reduce the wear of the sand and gravel to the processing equipment, and can also reduce the the difficulty and burden of the follow-up fiber separation process.

In the first stage of cleaning, the potato dry cleaning machine--- dry sieve will be used to directly scrape off the sand, dirt and stone on the surface of the potato.

potato dry cleaning machinePotato dry cleaning machine structure

Ⅲ. Equipment structure and characteristics

a. Rotary drum conveying of potato dry cleaning machine, fresh potato in the rotating cylinder on the one hand, do circular movement along the wall of the cylinder, on the other hand, linear movement along the axis, with a comprehensive cleaning distance of more than 20 meters. High degree cleaning efficiency, partial peels, sediment, stones and skin residue are automatically discharged through the grid slits and the bottom sewage outlet of the shell.

b. High efficient and energy saving. Potato dry cleaning machine has the functions of cleaning potato and conveying. There is not need to add additional potato conveyor, which general cage type cleaning machine can not be achieved.

c. Long raw material cleaning distance, high cleaning efficiency, no damage to potato skin, low starch loss rate.

d. The potato dry cleaning machine runs at low speed, reduces the centrifugal force, makes the cleaning more convenient, and the processing is smoother.

e. The funnel type feeding of potato dry cleaning machine reduces the difficulty of manual feeding, makes the feeding more convenient and easy, and reduces physical labor.

potato dry cleaning machinePotato dry cleaning machine

Ⅳ. Working principle

The potato are rubbing and rolling in the potato dry cleaning machine with the inner spiral preliminarily removing the surface attached debris, meanwhile the cleaned potato is transported to washing stage through the spiral rotating. In the process of completing the feed conveying, the mutual friction between the raw materials is used to complete the preliminary cleaning of the surface sediment, which greatly reduces the subsequent washing pressure and reduces the water consumption.

V. Processing capacity analysis

The processing volume of the potato dry cleaning machine mainly depends on the overall starch processing volume of the starch producer. It is also based on the throughput of the subsequent crushing equipment, and thus controls the cleaning loading amount.

potato dry cleaning machinePotato dry cleaning machine

Ⅵ. Installation operation and use

The installation of the potato dry cleaning machine is guided by professional engineer of Doing Machinery to check the standardization of the power supply voltage, water source and other places in time, to eliminate potential safety hazards and to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Before potato dry cleaning machine being put into use, it is necessary to check the power supply voltage condition again before starting the motor for operation. The input of potatoes should be evenly sent according to the hourly processing capacity of the equipment. Pay attention to control quantity, and do not arbitrarily put potato during processing, too much or too less will both affect cleaning effect and processing speed which thereof affect subsequent processing.


Main technical parameters of potato dry cleaning machine:

Model Capacity(t/h) Cage Diameter(mm) Speed(r/min) Roller Length(mm) Power(kw) Dimension(m) Weight(kg)
DYGS100 10-15 Φ1000 18 4000 5.5 4.0*2.2*1.5 2800
DYGS140 20-30 Φ1400 18 6000 11 6.0*2.35*1.78 3500



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