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Automatic mechanical cassava peeler machine

  • Introduction

Cassava has two hard skins and a fragile inner layer. The first brown skin is thin and easy to remove, but the second hard cuticle skin is always a challenge to remove adequately without damaging the inner layer. The traditional manual cassava peeling method may be just for the convenience of life, but the use of automatic mechanical cassava peeler can greatly promote the development of cassava processing industry.

traditional manual cassava peelingTraditional manual cassava peeling

For example, a large automatic mechanical cassava peeler can process 10 tons of cassava, which can replace 20 labor forces; A medium-sized automatic mechanical cassava peeler can process 5 tons of cassava, which can replace 10 labor force; A small mechanical cassava peeler can process 3.5 tons of cassava and requires only one person to operate it. The operator is responsible for loading the cassava into the machine and removing the peeled cassava from the machine after peeling. The cassava peeler can easily remove the brown skin of the outer cassava and the white skin of the inner cassava, which is equivalent to manual peeling. But in terms of efficiency, the equipment greatly saves manpower and improves production efficiency than manual peeling. What's more, besides peeling cassava, the machine is also suitable for peeling and cleaning other tuber crops,like potato, sweet potato and other round, oval fruits and vegetables.

Cassava automatic mechanical peeler is mainly composed of motor, drive and sand roller. This product is designed and manufacturer by Henan Jinrui Company according to the characteristics of cassava processing machinery at home and abroad. The peeling rate is about 95%.

cassava peelerCassava peeling machine

Working principle of automatic mechanical cassava peeler:

The equipment adopts the latest design of sand roller peeling. Through the friction between the material and the sand roller, peeling rate can reach about 95%. Sand roller peeling can peel cassava epidermis and the second layer of skin, so the surface of the material after peeling is smoother and the material loss is low.

The cassava peeling machine works with the spray hose during the working process. Spraying water will continue to wash the sand roller and cassava raw material, making the water sand paper work better. On the one hand, it can wash off the skin residue attached to the water sandpaper and keep its friction so that the peeling work of cassava can continue. On the one hand, it can wash the cassava so that the peeled cassava can be directly entered into the subsequent processing.

Characteristics of cassava automatic mechanical peeling machine

1. Using sand roller and material friction principle to remove the skin, small loss and long service life

2. The frame of the automatic mechanical cassava peeling machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance and high hygiene and cleanliness, which conforms to the national food industry standards.

3. The operation speed is adjustable, the user can set the frequency conversion motor according to different raw materials to achieve the best peeling effect.

4. Automatic mechanical cassava peeler can be customized according to different processing characteristics of users to meet the technological requirements.

5. The tapioca peeling machine has compact structure and high degree of automation, which is suitable for enterprises of various processing scales.

6. Automatic mechanical cassava peeler has the advantages of smooth operation and convenient maintenance


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