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Special Designed Starch Dryer

Special designed starch dryer

               The special designed starch dryer is different with ordinary starch dryer . The special designed starch dryer adopts simple process by which material with high moisture content exchanges heat with hot air in special designed starch dryer to achieve drying purpose . The special design starch dryer is  with lower steam consumption , with lower drying tower request , with lower drying temperature to keep the starch native property.


The main technical parameters of special designed starch dryer


Model Power(kw) Evaporation water(kg/h) Labors Starch capacity t/d (Moisture≤40%)
QZWG-5 14 ≥100 2 5t
QZWG-10 23 ≥200 3 10t
QZWG-20 43 ≥400 3 20t
QZWG-30 50 ≥600 4 30t
QZWG-50 75 ≥1000 4 50t
QZWG-100 135 ≥2000 5 100t

Customized capacity of special designed starch dryer is available.


The application of special designed starch dryer :

1. Sweet potato starch production line
2. Potato starch production line
3. Cassava starch production line
4. Corn starch production line
5. Wheat starch production line
6. Rice starch production line


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