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Vegetable drier

Vegetable drier

Vegetable drier

Description of vegetable drier:

According to the features of Chinese medicinal materias and flowers,we SIDA company deveoped the drying machines which is suitable for drying material such as massiveness,flake,strip etc.

Features of vegetable drier:

With different drying temperatures to ensure the property and quality of material

Automatic temperature control system

Low energy consumption

Easy and safe operation

Technical parameter of vegetable drier:

Model The measurements of drying room(㎡) Daily output(t) Power(kw) The amount of coal used(kg/t)
YHG-1 52 Dried rehmannia root 15 Fresh flower 5 18 60
YHG-2 72 Dried rehmannia root 20 Fresh flower 7 22.5 75
YHG-3 105 Dried rehmannia root 30 Fresh flower 10 27.5 100



Application of vegetable drier:

1.Vegerable drying

2.Flower drying

3.Chinese medicinal material drying

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