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The most suitable cassava flour dewatering machine for cassava flour dehydration

  • Introduction

Cassava is cleaned, washed, peeled, crushed, dehydrated, dried, and sieved to become cassava flour. The cassava processing machine in each process has an important influence on the taste of the produced cassava flour. This article mainly introduces the cassava flour dewatering machine used in the dehydration process of the cassava flour production process.

According to our experience, the most suitable cassava flour dewatering machine is hydraulic press and plate-frame filter press. The specific applications of these two cassava flour dewatering machines in the cassava flour production line are different.

cassava flour dewatering machineHydraulic press and plate-frame filter press

Hydraulic Press

In a small semi-automatic cassava flour production line, the generally matched cassava flour dewatering machine is a hydraulic press. It uses a hydraulic system and a reliable electronic control system to ensure the dehydration effect and operational safety. The material is squeezed by the pressure plate and the dehydration process is completed through the action of the hydraulic station. The working pressure and pressurizing time of the hydraulic press can be set freely. After cassava flour dehydration, the squeezed water flows out from the pressure tank and flows to the designated position. The charging tank can be pulled out through the bottom slide rail, which is very convenient. The moisture content of the material after dehydration is about 38%-40%. Our hydraulic presses are simple to operate and low energy consumption. They are all made of stainless steel 304 to meet the basic requirements of food production.

cassava flour hydraulic pressVarious views of the hydraulic press are displayed

Plate-frame filter press

In a large-capacity continuous operation cassava flour production line, the generally matched cassava flour dewatering machine is a plate-frame filter press. The whole design of the plate-frame filter press integrates machine, electricity and liquid. It can realize automatic pressing, filtering, draining, squeezing, loosening and so on, and can obtain wet cassava cake with a moisture content of about 40%. The plate-frame filter press is an intermittent feed dewatering system, which can complete 2-3 feeds per hour, with large production capacity, small filter cake and high output.

Plate-frame filter pressThe plate-frame filter press and its project case

According to different working methods, the plate-frame filter press can be divided into three types of work: manual filter press, mechanical filter press and hydraulic filter press. Manual filter press uses a screw jack to push a compression plate to compress the cassava flour; mechanical filter press is a motor that decelerates through a reduction box and pushes the compression plate to dehydrate the cassava powder through gear compression; hydraulic filter press is a hydraulic pressure on a car with a hydraulic station The frame applies pressure, and the cylinder component pushes the compression plate to compress the raw material for dehydration. Mechanical filter press equipment has low cost, stable and reliable operation, but low efficiency and inconvenient automatic control. The hydraulic equipment compresses and receives materials quickly, with high efficiency and easy automatic control. According to the different discharge methods, the plate-frame filter press can be divided into two types: manual discharge and automatic discharge. After the material is dehydrated, manual equipment is required for manual unloading, while fully automatic equipment can automatically complete the unloading process with the help of machinery.

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