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Automatic cassava flour making machine

  • Introduction

Cassava flour making machine refers to the complete set of machines used for process raw cassava to cassava flour. Cassava is an important food crop in Thailand, Nigeria, and many Africa countries. Expect consume cassava directly as food, Africa people like to process cassava into various of food for increasing the diversity of cassava diets, such as garri, fufu, cassava flour, cassava chips or casssava starch. Among the deep processing products of cassava, cassava flour is essential for Nigeria and other Africa countries. And cassava flour processing must involve cassava flour making machine.

cassava flour making machineCassava flour making machine

Cassava flour making machine includes a total of cassava washing machine, cassava processing machine and cassava packaging machine. In the processing of cassava, the physical processing method is completely adopted. First, the cassava is crushed, then dehydrated, and then dried. The machine that needs to be used in the cassava crushing stage is the rasping machine developed by our company-Doing Group, which culms the cassava raw material through high-speed operation. This cassava flour making machine has a special dovetail structure on the surface of the drum, so it is fast and convenient to replace the blade without special tools. Moreover,this machine is the original SKF bearing and bearing seat, standard ABB or motor, which has the advantages of light vibration, low noise and long service life.

cassava flour making machineRasper

Second, for the whole cassava flour making machine, the dewatering process is about influence the drying effect. So we are adopting the plate frame filter press machine. For dewatering equipment, there are different classifications, including high-end and ordinary. Moreover, this machine is used in a wide range of applications, including coal washing, inorganic salt, mining, alcohol, petroleum, chemical, fuel, metallurgy, medicine, food, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, sewage treatment and other fields. The main benefits are less loss during feeding, fast filtration speed, high temperature resistance and high pressure, good sealing performance, uniform filter cake washing and low water content. The plate and frame filter press has three forms: manual compression, mechanical compression and hydraulic compression.

cassava flour making machinePlate frame filter press

According to plate frame filter press filter material type and characteristics of the filter cloth material types, this cassava flour making machine can be subdivided into natural fiber, synthetic fiber and inorganic fiber. Polyester staple fiber filter cloth is acid and weak alkali resistant. The temperature resistance of polyester fiber is generally 130-150 degrees Celsius, and the wear resistance is very good. The raw material structure of polyester short fiber filter cloth is short and hairy, the fabric weaved is dense, the particle retention is good, but the peeling property and the gas permeability are poor. Strength wear resistance, water leakage is not so good as polyester long fiber filter cloth.

cassava flour making machineFlash dryer

Third, the main part in cassava flour making machine is the flash dryer, the principle of the dryer is: it is a large-scale drying equipment, which uses the principle of instantaneous drying, using the rapid movement of hot air to drive The wet material suspends the wet material in the hot air, which strengthens the entire drying process and increases the heat transfer rate. The air-dried material can be nearly completely removed without the combined moisture, and the dried material does not deteriorate. Phenomenon, the output is also significantly higher than the general dryer, users can achieve higher economic benefits in the short term.

In the development process of cassava flour making machine, we have to comply with the needs of customers and maximize the lofty standards of finished products. Therefore, in order to guarantee the maximization of customer benefits, DOING cassava flour making machine is affordable and durable, which is the most excellent choice today.


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