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Starch application in the non-food industry

Date:Dec 07, 2015/ Industry news/ Chat online

Starch application in the non-food industrial

Starch application in the non-food industry


Starch application in the non-food industry

         Starch is mainly used as material both in the manufacture of food and non-food products. In the non-food industrial , the starch mainly applicated in papaer making industry , Corrugated board adhesives ,  Clothing industry  and many other industrial  purpose. 

        Papermaking is the largest non-food application for starches globally, consuming millions of metric tons annually.[9] In a typical sheet of copy paper for instance, the starch content may be as high as 8%. Both chemically modified and unmodified starches are used in papermaking. 

        Corrugated board adhesives are the next largest application of non-food starches globally. Starch glues are mostly based on unmodified native starches, plus some additive such as borax and caustic soda. Part of the starch is gelatinized to carry the slurry of uncooked starches and prevent sedimentation. This opaque glue is called a SteinHall adhesive.

       Clothing or laundry starch is a liquid that is prepared by mixing a vegetable starch in water (earlier preparations also had to be boiled), and is used in the laundering of clothes.

       Another large non-food starch application is in the construction industry, where starch is used in the gypsum wall board manufacturing process. Chemically modified or unmodified starches are added to the stucco containing primarily gypsum. Top and bottom heavyweight sheets of paper are applied to the formulation, and the process is allowed to heat and cure to form the eventual rigid wall board. The starches act as a glue for the cured gypsum rock with the paper covering, and also provide rigidity to the board.


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