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Wheat gluten making machine

wheat gluten making machine

Wet Wheat gluten

The wheat gluten is produced from wheat flour . The wheat gluten making machine production process is making dough from wheat flour , then use water washing to separate the wheat starch and wheat gluten. 

automatic gluten making machine

Automatic gluten making machine

Detailed introduction about the usage of wheat gluten making machine

1.First,put the water into the hopper,then put the suitable flour into the hopper,mix them together.The water and flour ratio is 1/2,for example,if you put 50 kg flour,you need put 25kg water.

2,The first mixing time around 12 mintues,with clockwise rotation 5-6 minutes, then reverse about 5minutes, then stop to make the dough keeping a moment with a wet cloth or plastic wrap

3.The dough keep generally for not less than 12 minutes.

4,After 12 minutes, put 25 kg water into the hopper again,then open the machine to work about 3 minutes,then stop,let the flour batter flow through the hole of machine.

5,The machine moved to points,connect the filter on the hopper when the flour batter flow .

6,The second washing time will be not more than 5 minutes.repeat 3-5 times ,then can get the gluten finally.Please clean the hopper after get the gluten out from the hopper.


gluten making machine

Gluten making machine

Parameter of gluten making machine

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power (kw) Size(mm)
SLM250 250 6 2600x1000x1150
SLM500 500 11 3000x1200x1200
SLM750 750 15 3400x1400x1250


gluten & gluten food

Gluten & gluten food

Application of Stainless steel gluten washing machine 

1.Wheat gluten production line

2.Wheat starch production line



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