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Potato starch dryer installation by Ukraine client

Date:Dec 02, 2017/ Project/ Chat online/ Technical support

In July, Ukriane customer order the potato starch dryer.  It needs around one month to arrange shipping and manufacturing of the potato starch dryer. 

Now,The Ukraine client is installing the potato starch dryer by himself. Surely that will be according to our installtion drawing and the manual from our engineer of potato starch processing machine.
potato starch dryer machine
Potato starch dryer machine was packed
Potato starch dryer is invented by our factory.This plant is designed with positive-negative pressure.This scientific achievement is appraised by Henan Technology Gallery in September, 2006. The invention patent number is ZL2006 10086403.8. 
The work principle is to unite two kinds of flash evaporation and drying theories: 
(1) when the wet material and hot air mix up in the drying tube, they could go ahead at high speed in parallel with two suspended states, and crash, damped vibration. Then they go to air blower for refinement. The drying area of material is increased. And the heat efficiency is improved; 
potato starch dryer machine
Potato starch dryer machine
(2) Material is delivered from air blower to vortex room. After fineness, the heavy material containing more moisture revolves along the outer wall at high speed, in order to increase the relative velocity, strengthen the effect of heat transfer, and improve the heat transfer confident of the volume. The material containing regular moisture discharges from the center to the top. The feature of this plant is good quantity of drying, high effect of heat transfer, and low energy source consumption. The height of this plant is lower 50% than tower type starch dryer.  
potato starch dryer machine
The potato starch dryer is being installed now
The customers are very satisfied with our potato starch dryer quality, and other potato starch processing machine is on the way to Ukriane now.

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