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Starch dewatering machine for potato starch processing

Vacuum filter is widely used starch dewatering machine in starch production process such as potato and sweet potato. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, labor saving, power saving, low rotation speed, no vibration and less mechanical failure. After a large number of users actually use, it proves that this starch dewatering machine has high output and good dehydration effect (starch moisture content is 37-38% after dehydration). The dehydrated starch is in the form of fragments and easy to dry. It is an ideal starch dewatering machine for the potato starch processing industry.

starch dewatering machineStarch dewatering machine

Introduction to starch dewatering machine composition

Vacuum filter mainly consists of drum, central hollow shaft, vacuum tube, hopper, scraper, mixer, reducer, vacuum pump, motor and bracket.

The main technical parameters: this starch dewatering machine use the suction force of the vacuum pump, forming a certain negative pressure inside the drum, so that the starch adheres to the drum filter cloth. The drum rotates continuously at low speed to form a certain thickness of starch on the filter cloth. The water is absorbed by the vacuum pump, and the starch is automatically scraped off by the scraper to achieve the purpose of starch dehydration.

Doing Company develops, designs and produces complete sets of starch production equipment for cassava, potato and sweet potato starch processing. For the starch dewatering machine for potato starch processing, we can determine the drum speed based on the designed output. The rotating speed of the drum designed by Doing Group has different specifications. The higher the speed, the larger the output. During the use, the speed can be determined according to the actual dewatering effect.

starch dewatering machineStarch dewatering machine

Compared with traditional dewatering equipment, DOING starch dewatering machine has the following advantages:

1. Low energy consumption and high output. It can process 0.5-10 tons of starch per hour. The electricity consumption is only 30% of traditional equipment;

2. No fault continuous operation, thus ensuring the continuity of the entire potato starch production line;

3. No need to manually unload, saving labor, reduce labor intensity;

4. Using elastic scraper, starch removal rate is higher;

5, The starch dehydration rate is high, the maximum vacuum of the starch dewatering machine can reach -0.08MPa, the starch dehydration effect is better, and it is convenient for the next step.

6. Using suction filtration, relative to other dehydration methods, this starch dewatering machine can improve the clarity of starch, and no interlayer phenomenon.

7. The drum adopts stepless speed regulation, which can be easily adjusted according to different starch properties.

8. Cost-effective, breaking the traditional vacuum dehydrator expensive price, DOING starch dewatering machine sales at factory price, with excellent starch dewatering performance.

starch dewatering machineStarch dewatering machine

Technical parameters of starch dewatering machine:

Model XDL04 XDL06 XDL12 XDL16 XDL20 XDL24 XDL30
Filter area(m²) 4 6 12 16 20 24 30
Vacuum degree(MPa) 0.04-0.08 0.01-0.08 0.04-0.08 0.04-0.08 0.04-0.08 0.04-0.08 0.04-0.08
Capacity(t/h) 1 1.5 3 4 6 8 12
Power(kw) 2.2+0.75 2.2+0.75 3+1.1 5.5+1.1 5.5+1.5 7.5+1.5 7.5+2.2
Max rotary speed(r/min) 11 11 11 11 11 11 11
Weight(kg) 1300 1500 2800 3100 3500 5000 6500


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