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Starch refining machine-Hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclone station is one of key equipment used in starch production line. It is used to remove protein, cell liquids, etc., concentrate and wash starch milk, ensure finished starch meet high quality requirement. The general process of full hydrocyclone includes three parts: concentration, recovery and refining.

starch refining machine18-stage complete hydrocyclone unit

Equipment structure:

The equipment mainly consists of body structure, cylinder, cyclone pipes, feeding port, overflow port and underflow port.

Working principle:

The material enters at the tangential position of the cyclone tube at a certain pressure, rotates in the tube, and generates large centrifugal force. The particles or substances with larger specific gravity move downward and are discharged from the underflow hole. The particles with smaller specific gravity move upward from the overflow and discharged. Starch particles have larger gravity that will separated and discharged from underflow port.

starch refining machineCylinders of hydrocyclone

Design advantages of hydrocyclones:

1.Our hydrocyclone is designed using a full cyclone process for starch washing and refining. Usually the hydrocyclone consists of 18 stages in series. The first to third stages are used for starch recovery, the fourth to fifth stages are used for starch milk concentration, the sixth to seventh stages are used for starch recovery, and the eighth to eighteenth stages are used for concentration, washing and refining.

2.The starch slurry is concentrated and washed gradually from the first stage to the last stage of the hydrocyclone. The whole process adopts the counter-current principle, and clean soft water is added in the final stage of the hydrocyclone to ensure that the starch milk is clean and pure.

Model DYX-362 DYX-438 DYX-516
Capacity (t/h) 3-4 5-6 7-8
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Plate diameter (mm) 362 362 516
Power (kW/stage) 7.5-11 11-22 15-37
Weight (kg) 360 520 630



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