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Cassava fiber separating machine-Centrifuge sieve

Centrifuge sieve is used for separation the cassava fiber and starch slurry, in order to improving the quality of final starch and increasing the starch extraction yield. Centrifugal sieve of Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui adopts a horizontal design, so it is called horizontal centrifugal sieve. It can reach a relatively high speed when separating cassava fiber and starch. The cassava pulp moves on the sieve for a long time and the separation effect is better.

cassava processing machineCentrifugal sieve in starch production plant

The structure of centrifuge sieve

The whole machine of centrifuge sieve includes body of centrifuge sieve,basket of sieve, screen mesh,back punching system,spray system,door body system,feeding system,spindle ,bearing seat,bracket assembly,driving system and motor etc .

The working principle of centrifuge sieve

The cassava pulp enters the centrifugal sieve from the pipeline. Under the action of high-speed rotating force and gravity, the cassava pulp moves in a variety of ways, and is finally evenly distributed on the surface of the sieve. Under the action of the washing water, starch particles with diameter smaller than the sieve hole fall out of the sieve, and the cassava fiber with diameter larger than the sieve hole is discharged by the slag discharge pump.

cassava processing machineThe interior and parts of the centrifugal sieve

The advantages of centrifuge sieve

1.The processing capacity of the machine is large

2.The power distribution is reasonable and the starch sieving efficiency is high

3.Easy installation of equipment

4.Sieve surface has good permeability

5.Low energy consumption, stable operation, high starch separation effect

6.Beautiful and generous, oil and dirt resistance

Model ZXS650 ZXS800 ZXS850 ZXS1000 ZXS1100
Diameter (mm) 650 800 850 1000 1100
Power (kw) 7.5-11 11-15 22-30 30-45 30-45
Weight (kg) 1000-1200 1400-1600 1800-2000 2000-2200 2300-2500



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