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Cassava flour making equipment

  • Introduction

As a professional cassava flour making equipment supplier, Henan Jinrui can provide you with cassava flour making equipment, including: cassava washing and peeling equipment, cassava crushing equipment, cassava pulp dewatering equipment, cassava flour grinding equipment, cassava flour drying equipment, cassava flour sieving equipment, and cassava flour packaging equipment.

Cassava washing and peeling equipment

Cassava washing and peeling equipment include dry sieve and paddle washing equipment. The function of dry sieve is to remove impurities such as dirt, stones, branches and leaves on the surface of cassava. Then paddle washing equipment further washes and peels the cassava. After processing by these two cassava flour making equipment, almost all surface impurities of cassava are removed, which is beneficial to improve the purity of cassava flour.

cassava flour making equipmentThese are cassava cleaning and crushing equipment

Cassava crushing equipment

Cassava crushing equipment include cassava cutting machine and cassava rasper. The function of the cassava cutting machine is to cut the cassava into small pieces to make it easier to grind. The role of cassava rasper is to grind the cassava into cassava pulp to make the cassava fiber more delicate. These two cassava flour making equipment are worked cooperatively to speed up the crushing speed of cassava and increase the yield of cassava flour.

Cassava pulp dewatering equipment

cassava pulp dewatering equipment include plate frame filter press and hydraulic press. The dehydration effect of these two cassava flour dewatering equipment is very good. The moisture content of the wet cassava flour is about 40% after dehydrating by these two cassava flour making equipment. The difference between them is that the plate frame filter press is generally suitable for large cassava flour production lines, and the hydraulic press is more suitable for small cassava flour production lines.

cassava flour making equipmentThese are cassava dewatering, grinding and dring equipment

Cassava flour grinding equipment

Hammer mill is used to grind wet cassava flour cake. After cassava pulp is dehydrated, it is lumpy cassava flour cake. Therefore, hammer mill is needed to grind the cassava flour cake into cassava flour. After being processed by hammer mill, the cassava flour cake becomes loose granular cassava flour. The loose cassava flour will be dried more easily and dried evenly.

Cassava flour drying equipment

The function of flash dryer is to dry cassava flour with moisture content of 40% to reach the standard level. The taste of cassava flour is better only if cassava flour reaches the standard moisture content. This cassava flour making equipment can precisely control the moisture content of cassava flour.

Cassava flour sieving equipment

The cassava flour sieving equipment of Henan Jinrui is vibration sieve. Vibration sieve is a kind of special type, high precision fine particle screening machine. It is equipped with various mesh screens, which can separate the different particles and powder materials continuously to meet different needs. After sieving, the finished cassava flour will be more refined and pure.

cassava flour making equipmentThese are cassava sievingand packing equipment

Cassava flour packaging equipment

Cassava flour packing equipment of Henan Jinrui is automatic weighing and packing machine. The automatic weighing and packaging machine is controlled by computer and completed automatically. The entire weighing and packaging process is completed quickly and the weight is controlled accurately. After being processed by this cassava flour making equipment, the cassava flour can be directly transported or stored.

Each of the above cassava flour making equipment has various specifications. Whether you are large-scale cassava flour production, small-scale cassava flour production or mobile cassava flour production, we have suitable equipment. If you have plans to start cassava flour production business, please contact us. Henan Jinrui can provide you with the cassava flour making equipment you need.


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